Badly Messed? or Freshly Pressed?


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

When I started this Blog, I remember first reading the Freshly Pressed posts with a sense of awe and wonder. It was like someone had taken the very best writing on any given subject, all fresh, shiny, different, wonderful and so original and FUNNY and smashed it into a smorgasboard of loveliness.

Today, I read Freshly PressedĀ  (as I usually do when I log into WordPress) and found myself drifting….. Two paragraphs down, in four out of the top six posts, and I’veĀ  found my attention stuttering and my eyes wandering away like nomads. It’s been the same for the last week or so.

So is it the length?

The average length of a post on FP is a minimum of a 1000 words now. Most are 1500. Were they this long before, I don’t remember there being so many words, all blurring into each other?

Now before the hatemail starts arriving in the comments section below, I am not saying the posts are badly written. They’re not! They are extremely well-written, perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation in every one. They are also just a touch self-conscious. A little too worthy perhaps to fully hold my attention.

I hate to say it…. But they bore me. Whereas I used to read every single post up there and cry, laugh and wonder… Now it’s more MEH? than amazing.

So is it the format that’s not working for me? I notice there is poetry and fiction featured quite heavily now. Part of me, wants to say “Yes, finally some representation for all us creative types!” The other part is running screaming from the laptop. Why? Because “FP” used to represent the best writing from a bunch of plucky amateurs who were giving fresh thought and ideas on ordinary and not so ordinary daily life or writing about issues that they felt affected them. Now it’s all poetry, worthy literaryness or long university style essays on topics. I know literaryness is not a real word (which is probably why I’ll never be freshly pressed)….

And before I would have said that it bothered me, now, getting Freshly Pressed…. Meh!

So is it just me? What do you think about FP?



I have not attempted poetry in over twenty years and I am always very jealous of those who are able to do this. Personally I think they are magicians. I hope mine is not as bad as a “Vogon” (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). Oh and I also realised whilst writing this I have no idea, at all, on how you are supposed to punctuate this stuff!


As a child, I escaped with you into unknown places,

Playing in fairy-tales, with imaginary friends in wooded creeks and springs,

My helpers grew silent as the years passed, put away like dolls and racing cars,

Their well-being passed along by you in stories of elsewhere

As I grew into bones of drama and discontented

You comforted me in your way with gentle sighs

As I read my world of books, you admonished in hushed tones,

That I could cause such wonder, if I would dare to dream such dreams

With every false start and forgotten spirit of a tale, you danced and stomped

You gave me the sounds of voices never heard in this fifteen minute world

You watched and waited, spinning your tales and softly obscuring the dish-bound sink

Showing me better and more wish-soaked vistas,

Where evil can be conquered and hope resides in hearts unseen

Now I listen intently; though I often fear old man time has robbed me of your gifts

Yet, you return, time again, laughing with glee at the game

Speaking in astonished wonder at my horror – that you could ever, ever, leave me

Because you are more constant than your friend, the lady of the luck