The secret to writing and the reason why this is Awesome!


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Do you want to know a little secret? Come closer and I’ll tell you. Now, are you sitting comfortably, got a drink? Go on, go get one, your favorite tipple or a hot chocolate, I’ll wait…

You all set? Great,

Ready, Set, Here it comes……..

“Writing isn’t easy.”

Phew, I said it. Did you think I was going to give you the secret sword of wordsmithing? Do you think that there is some sort of magic bean that instantly transforms you into a genius who wee’s excellence? Or perhaps one ring that rules them….. Sorry got carried away there.

We all wish there was and we’ve all seen the sales patter..

“Sign up for my webcast where I show how you can write a bestseller with next to no effort on your part…” and all for just 500 fat ones… Ohh PURLEASE

Ever thought that if you could just…… find the magic keyword that opens the door to blockbusterville closely accompanied by the six figure publishing contract (where we don’t have to market or speak to people), that everything will be okay? It won’t.

Success in life is about persistence and luck. You have to keep at it and be ready when luck comes knocking. But before luck can pull up at the welcome mat (you are not naked are you? Good Gracious, put something on… No not the jogging bottoms.) you are there prepped and ready for it. So here’s my reason/s why it’s great that writing is so hard.

1. If it was easy everyone would be doing it….

If writing a novel or writing in general was a cake walk then everybody would do it. I know that at times it may seem that everyone IS doing it but they’re not. It’s just the writers resources and blogs where you have hung out. Most people don’t do it or can’t do it and that’s just great for you and me. Less writers, less competition – mwah, ha, ha, ha….. I am stroking a cat, she is long haired but she definitely does not have a diamond collar.

2. If it was easy everyone would finish it…..

Most people never finish. There are hundreds and thousands of dusty manuscripts and half written poems or short stories lining drawers everywhere. If you’re gonna do this writering you have to finish. A half-written story is a broken promise. Now you are not the sort of person who breaks a promise are you? Good. I thought not. (Please in the name of all that walks and crawls do not let this be me…. 9,600 and a full stop to go.)

3. If it was easy everyone would do it well….

Yes, I know a lot of poorly written and unbelievably dire books are out there. If everyone did this well, how would you and I distinguish ourselves against the rest of them? It’sĀ  our error free original wonderful creative voice that makes us special. We don’t just ship, see point 2, we ship rainbows and cream cakes and the smell of grass after summer rain.

So yes this writing is hard and it takes time, persistence, sweat, tears, anger, frustration and love to create.Ā  But that is why the fact that we are writers and we write is AWESOME.

Comments, as always are welcome.

10 thoughts on “The secret to writing and the reason why this is Awesome!

  1. I really needed to read something like this right now. No, not in a general sense of right now, but literally this very moment. So thank you.
    I just logged on to my blog that I have been neglecting pretty much ever since I started it. I am having a lot of issues with the path my life is taking (who isn’t?) and have come to realize that the only time I truly feel happy or satiated with life is when I’m writing. So it’s clear to me, I need to be writing more. But you’re right, it’s not easy! Would it be so satisfying if it was? Probably not.
    It is kinda awesome, isn’t it? šŸ™‚

    • It’s all kinds of awesome wrapped in thorns and broken glass. But I truly believe nothing in this world that’s ever worth it (in the long run) is easy. It’s a bitter pill and I find glugged down with the bubbles of success it tastes moderately better. I gave myself a six month gap in blogging and it’s okay to not be perfect. None of us are….

  2. Excellent thoughts.

    I know they are not a strict progression, but I feel it is important not to beat yourself up about not doing all three until you are sound on one of them.

    Start by writing frequently, regularly, more than casually but do not judge yourself if not everything is good or not everything ends up going somewhere.

    Once you have fitted writing into your life, start working on things past the point where they lose their fresh idea smell, but do not judge whether it is any good.

    Once you have finished drafts start working on making them better. I suspect this step never stops.

    So far this year I have not added to my list of half-finished works: everything is either in my ideas file, being worked on, or finished; I am still undecided on trying to actively clear away anything I have not finished in previous years.

    As to whether they are done well, is any author ever certain?

  3. If it was easy, I’d be past my word count mark for the day instead of lingering here! šŸ™‚

    I broke one of my rules and, in the loosest sense possible, re-wrote a finished piece last week. Now my critical voice won’t shut up and let my creative voice work. Oh, one last piece for your list of awesomeness:

    If it was easy, if it didn’t take blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights and what have you, then there would be no sense of accomplishment when you finally write “The End”.

  4. a super insightful (inciteful?) article as ever Sarah. I like the part before number one the most, hehe. I can truly say, after the first million words–it gets easier!

    Hey…can I ask you? Is WP not letting you hit LIKE on my posts? because you left such an awesome comment on my “guess what” post, and then another friend mentioned WP wasn’t letting him hit LIKE and now I am trying to figure it out…cuz who needs that you know? I sure don’t…His trouble was on today’s poste3d poem…and i am just trying to sleuth out a bug–not a LIKE–and please delete this part of the message so I am relevant to your article. I would have FB’eed you, but I am only a follower,! And Zuckerberg don’t play dat..

    Thank you for the help. Have a great day. i must away to chefferey…Moo-hoo-hah-ha-hah…hah..:)

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