Why Don’t You Get Me?

Bit by Richard Tuttle

A piece of me, I always knew I was Red.     Bit by Richard Tuttle (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

Sometimes, you write a post and it’s all “Hooray” lot’s of likes and comments straight out of the publishing gate. Other times, you write a post (these are the ones you are immensely proud of that you feel a bit like a parent sending your little one to their first day of school) and it’s that tumbleweed rolling down the hill!

So what gives?

Why don’t you get it? Why do I suddenly feel alone in the schoolyard clutching my satchel wondering if you don’t like me and if you’ll never like me?

The writing is the easy bit, the putting it out is  the hard bit. It all get’s mixed up and coalesces into something awful and grimy and messy.

I have a theory that all writers secretly believe their special. Special and different. I know that in my heart,  apart from all the bullshit about grammar, publishing and all that guff, I secretly feel that way too.

I think I fear finding out that I’m deluded and my secret and different specialness is just a dream that keeps me sane.

Here’s hoping I never wake up.

14 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Get Me?

  1. I truly believe someone is always reading sometimes not always participating. I have days were I read blog posts and I am drained unable to comment. Sometimes people hit the comment fatigue and depending on the season people get busy. Just keep writing and enjoy the process 🙂

  2. I read, I always read, but I don’t always comment. Not because I didn’t like it, that’s usually not the reason at all, but because I don’t have anything that will move the thought forward and being the introvert I am, I will stay quiet rather than be redundant.

    • I think I’ve mixed my own message here. My goal has always been to earn more from my writing than my day job (or at least the same). So I can quit Market Research and Live the Dream.

      And I AM TERRIFIED that everyone is going to hate it, that no one will read it and I’ll be stuck in a job that does not satisfy me.

      Big kisses to you, the fact that you always read has me smiling. I adore your blog.

      • LOL Or I’ve mixed my reading which is more than possible. I think the only way you can get around that fear is to put it out there again and again and again because a passion like that can’t be denied. 🙂

  3. This is just what the comment/like thing fosters. (and I think WP wants that) because what do we do when this happens? Why–we go to all the blogs we follow and curry favor–thus spending lots of time in WP interface. Sometimes–and i am telling myself this–it’s good to remember we are Authors first–Bloggers second. Not all bloggers can write, Sarah, but all Authors can. Sooo…consider the source, I suppose. 🙂

  4. I have to say that at first, I was thinking “f this wordpress bs, no one is reading it anyway.” Then I realized, I didn’t start a blog to make money, or get a ton of followers. I started a blog for fun, for a creative outlet, and to focus on something other than my job (which can be so stressful at times). So many great writers never get recognized, and it is a shame. Keep writing though, because yeah, we like ya! 🙂

  5. You really speak my thoughts! My highest views (224 a day) was for a post that I just cut and copy from a book!

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