1000 Pennies for Your Thoughts - NARA - 534149

1000 Pennies for Your Thoughts – NARA – 534149 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s just words on a page. A short online record of thoughts, dreams, feelings or your favorite cupcake recipe. Whether you’re a serious blogger or just a casual online scribbler, it’s an oasis of privacy in the most public of mediums.

To share or not to share is often your question. Is the time I got caught sleep-walking naked in New York okay to lay down on paper? Or is it something more serious? A stigma or a social issue that haunts you and you feel no-one will ever understand? Do you lay it bare or keep it in? So many questions each time your digits hit the “qwerty”.

Should you show yourself à la open or honest or should you be represented via an electronic icon or meme… Say a pink typewriter? Can you have a public blog and a private persona so that you’re not sacked when you slag off your colleagues when they get on your nerves?

Then there’s the validation, when it goes well. People have read me and even better they have something to say about it. Oh Goody! And when it doesn’t “why does nobody like me?” , “What did I do?”, “Where did you all GO!” and “Why aren’t you all sat by your laptops waiting for my ramblings?”.

Whether you’re a journaller, a shutter-bug, a frustrated writer waiting for their big book deal (HELLO, HELLO, HELLO), a sometime chef or an enthusiastic amateur. It’s all here for you. An oasis for those thoughts, pictures, recipes, poems and life. What’s more, we’ll all be here, reading, nodding, loving, hating, ignoring, following, liking and commenting.

Welcome to the BLOG. Come on in, the waters lovely.

8 thoughts on “THE BLOG

  1. there’s definitely the line between TMI and too much emotion, something that’s too deep, and something that’s genuinely useful and helpful not only to you but to others to share, as a blogger. I think we all kind of walk that line…. it helps to read other blogs, because to see others crossing the line helps you identify where that line is 🙂

    • I think there is a line but I never know quite where it is and I think I often cross it. My blog never quite knows what it should be and for some weird reason it works that way for me. I used to feel great anxiety at what I was posting or how my “voice” would be interpreted and now I guess I’ve stopped worrying. I still care but I don’t worry anymore.

  2. I got SO EXCITED when I saw your name pop up on my blog! Hello my lovely! It’s been ages! You somehow got lost from my reader but I think you’re back up there now … looking forward to perusing the site and getting caught up.

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