This is a "thought bubble". It is an...

This is a “thought bubble”. It is an illustration depicting thought. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought about doing a blog post last week about this and then seven people decided to ditch me, so it became redundant and then I picked up another seven followers yesterday. Which is I think a record for me in a single day…

I hit 205 Followers yesterday. I know how many followers it says in the sidebar but that includes my twitter and Facebook friends too. So it’s baloney. But, my official stats are 205 as of five minutes ago. For all I know another seven people will decide that this isn’t hitting the spot for them,  hightail it away in the next twenty-four hours and I’ll be back under the 200 mark.

It’s not a mind-boggling number for most of you  – two hundred.. But for me it’s many, many more than I ever thought I’d get.  When I hit 100 I did a little dance and I’m just as thrilled now it’s the big 200, in fact I’m doing a samba now, which is making it hard to type.  I feel a little humbled by that number. We live in such an instant gratification world that to have connected and shared my thoughts with 200 people feels like a victory.

Yes , I know most of them probably followed me looking for a “Follow Back” and sometimes I do, after I’ve checked out their blog, read some of their posts and seen the heart of them beating. Sometimes, I don’t.

There’s some hardcore followers though, one’s who I still genuinely get thrilled about seeing their little faces or object or randomness in a square of happiness accompanying my posts as a like, then a heartfelt and genuinely thought-provoking comment on whatever I’ve chosen to ramble on about.

This all started as a blog about writing but that’s not how it is now, it’s my form of self-expression and it’s a bit random. Oh, I throw in the odd post about writing because it’s a big part of my life, but it’s not all “How to”.

So this post is my thanks to all those who clicked a follow and whether genuine or not, cheers for stopping by. I guess I’m not as alone as I thought.

There’s a  special mention though for the following (anyone not mentioned please don’t take offense, but I couldn’t stick 200 odd on here):-





The above, you know who you are and you know what you did. THANK YOU.

Comments as always, welcome.

20 thoughts on “205 – FOLLOW ME EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT….

  1. Well said. 🙂 I try not to look too often. But I am always pleased when I get a new follower or a new like and feel at least they thought I was worthy……..for one look. lol

    • Hey mixed up. Thanks for being along for the ride. It’s really lovely to get a new like or follow. I always get really intrigued if it’s not someone I’ve ever seen before too. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I’ll admit though the days where I post and nothing happens for several hours really get me down. I have to post and close the netbook now, or I drive myself crazy!

  2. Thank you for the SO my friend. I try to pretend that my number of readers doesn’t matter to me, but it does. We’ve been together since the beginning. I’ll never leave you!

    • You better not! It’s been great having you here and I’m very grateful for all the honest witty and thought provoking comments over the last year and a bit. I’m kind of in love with your blog. Thank you again!

  3. Grats on 200 followers. I check my stats on occasion myself, except I look for engagement with my followers, as the key stat. If they are liking and commenting, I don’t worry about the numbers.

  4. Well, what a wonderful surprise! there i was, just reading along, thinking: yep, yep, about faux follower stats, and how your blog has evolved into its own animal, and boom! There i was at the bottom, and I said: Oh! Out loud and smiled pretty big. Thank you for making my morning a ton better, Sarah. I was feeling a lil down in the dumpy–long story, wait for the movie–and that was a real shot in the arm. Your blog is always very readable, and i feel as if we are having a conversation when I read it–no easy tone to create, as we writers know! (if it’s easy to read–there was a lot of writing work behind it!!)

    I am super glad you are back onna blogging scene. It is a lot of work, for sure, but your voice adds something and stands out, besides.

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