Three Reasons to Write

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English: Celsius Fahrenheit convert scale Deutsch: Celsius Fahrenheit Umwanlungs-Skala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was 78 Fahrenheit on this same day last year and the man on the radio, whilst I was driving to a client meeting, also informed me that the first day of spring was yesterday. Really? Have you seen the three inches of snow outside? Driving home through a blizzard I started thinking about the things that I could do over the weekend that didn’t involve leaving the house.

Yes, I am aware of the writing aspect (what a perfect opportunity to procrastinate). The Novel and I, are not speaking at the moment. It’s just a tiff, not a major falling out and after I’ve sulked for a bit, I am sure we’ll kiss and make up over Chapter 20.

However, I came up with a plan and to force myself back into my manuscript, I have come up with three things I’d rather write than do…

1. Clean out the Oven.  – It’s dirty and sometimes smoky, (yes, it really is that bad) but there’s nothing that could force me in there with the horrible cleaning stuff that I always think I’m going to suffocate after inhaling accidentally.

2. Skirting boards. – They haunt me from behind the sofa (couch),” I’m dirty” They say, ” I’m dusty”, and “just imagine how well you will sleep once you’ve moved all the furniture into the center of the room and then back again”. I’m not falling for it. Someone fetch me my outline, i feel a plot twist coming on.

3. The finances – Sifting through receipts working out all the stupid things I’ve bought that I can’t afford and the guilt that goes with it. Is that my notebook? Bring it here.

So whats enough to get you writing again?

7 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Write

  1. Going to work (the one that they actually pay me to do and apparently I am good at -:))! Hey, good to know your novel is progressing and is now some 20 or so chapters ‘old’!

  2. And here I didn’t even know what ‘skirting boards’ were! Thanks for giving me an extra bonus excuse to add to my list of “oh I’ll get down and dirty writing just after I finish {fill in blank with any word from dictionary}” ~wink. Good Luck!

  3. OMG. Working out, Sarah! I am writing a short fiction right now, which critical plot points have all come to me during a run. I can’t advise exercise more heartily for bridging those cortices and stimulating the creative process. True story!! (haha–and quite literally)

    Skip the oven, and go for a walk!! 🙂 You and Chapter 20 will make friends in no time, and DO bring paper and pen!!


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