How your most Epic Fail, can turn into a Legendary Win.

I love excellence and success, there is nothing that gets me revved up, like an appreciation of something done beautifully well. It’s so sexy to see someone winning, at the top of their field or profession. To read or see something that makes you catch your breath. I may need to go take a cold shower just thinking about it…

Walt Disney gets blamed for a lot of things (personally, I do not feel he’s responsible for a whole generation of women’s unrealistic expectations of men) and he also came up with a quote that I use as my mantra:-

Good advice, Yes?

Failure, then? Where this post started, not so hot, that. No cold water needed and I get chills just thinking about the crushing soul-destroying impact that trying and failing can cause.

So here’s the thing,  take anyone you ever meet in any field who is truly awesome or excellent. Behind that veneer of professionalism is someone who has cocked up/failed/struck out on many, many, many occasions. They are riding the crest of the wave now, but if you could see the sleepless nights, the hours and the effort (I’m discounting blind luck here and I’ll get to that) you wouldn’t be surprised by their success. In fact you’d probably congratulate them for not quitting and doing something else.

So how are they so different from you and I? The simple truth is they are not, the key difference is how they treat that failure..

For you and I, failure is a shattering total defeat which gives that shitty little inner voice a chance to tell us how absolutely awful we are and how we are doing a really terrible job at life. For them, life just gave them an opportunity to get rid of the stuff that blows. They use their failures as opportunities to learn something about what works.

Failure is not just an option it is your only option for becoming successful.

What about those one hit wonders and the people who blind luck favors? I told you I’d get to them. How many lottery winners go bust or get divorced? How many instantly famous actors or singers descend into the mire of obscurity again through abusing themselves? – The reason behind a lot of these cases is that they have never failed. Failure gives you crucial tools in coping with stress and pressure. Work at it, refine it and you become far more aware of your own weaknesses and how to play to your strengths.

So, the next time you fail – Remember, for every truly excellent thing, there are a hundred more prototypes that didn’t make the grade, that didn’t succeed and frankly sucked! It’s the last version that makes it into the light,  after the failure is dissected and the weak spots erased. I feel sorry for the prototypes never getting their minute in the sun. Without them you’d never have won!

If you try something and mess it all to hell, remember life just gave you a lesson, not a kick in the face. Feedback is a gift and that’s what failure really is. A gift.

Now get out there and FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! It’s what you have to do before the winning starts.

9 thoughts on “How your most Epic Fail, can turn into a Legendary Win.

  1. This is a very timely post for me as my day job is draining me, physically, mentally and emotionally, I’m frustrated that I have ignored my writing and am considering letting my side business go because I just don’t have the time and energy needed to devote to it. Thinking about all this yesterday made me feel discouraged and as though I don’t have focus (or the right focus).

    Thanks for the encouragement via this post!

    • I can really relate to your comment as I feel exactly the same. I have a day job which does all of the above and yet. It’s all teaching me something. Whether it be that I’m my most creative in the morning or that I need to watch my use of the word “remember”. Stick with it. You’re gonna be fine!

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  3. “I love excellence and success”

    That must be why you are visiting my blog. lol

    I remember your writing………write something everyday even if you say nada about nothing……. Or at least I thought that’s what you were saying.

    I am trying not to write something everyday and finding it more difficult than writing everyday. You really lose the umph.

  4. what a great post, Sarah. Failure is proof you are trying–and yes. I learn from my mistakes directly proportional to how much work a given mistake cost me. The calluses I have developed as a writer are failures thick–but layers of learning solid, too.

    There are no one hit wonders–or if there are–I’d like to add another “hit” to them, oh ell oh ell…

    • Thanks Karen, I’ve found that failure can teach you so much more than success. I learn lessons form my mistakes and I think as long as you don’t let it halt you and continue to grow, develop and learn, failure is a positive influence. Doesn’t stop it hurting but makes the hurt worth it in the end. 🙂

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