Santa Baby, put a publishing advance and contract under the tree for me…

So the book is still getting written. If a little slowly for my tastes but that’s life or my life. There are only so many hours in each week and to have any work, life, writing balance is very tricky.

I really want the writing to be my main source of income and get frustrated that it is not happening fast enough. I know all I can do is continue to write and tell stories but come’on already Universe! Please….

Half the time I am on a set of scales trying to throw metaphorical weights on the other side to get everything even. You need to live to write and there doesn’t seem enough time for everything else.

Family, friends and fun are what help you to write better but when you couple that with a 60 hour work week, what gives?

But I still dream …..




8 thoughts on “Santa Baby, put a publishing advance and contract under the tree for me…

  1. i tell myself i will dedicate every spare minute to my WIP, but i still seem to make very slow progress. Some of this is because i am easily distracted by emails or WP, but often life just gets in the way. I thought i had a fairly clear weekend this week but it’s now 7pm sunday and i’m just sitting down to write.

    • Hi RG, pleased that you are finally getting around to it. I know exactly what you mean. I am also studying as well for a qualification and have an exam to take in less than two weeks. I had an hour or so the other day between meetings and have taken to putting the net book in my handbook to try and at least get 250 words out.

      But I guess if it was easier then it wouldn’t be so much fun? :o) Hope you have a great session.

      • I don’t have any good or valid excuses like you, just stuff tends to happen or take longer than I thought. Ah well, i fit it in where i can.
        And thanks for the reminder that it’s supposed to be fun. I forget sometimes πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, I do know what you mean… And if I do get writing done… Then I feel guilty about neglecting my family and friends. Then I realise I haven’t done half the admin things I was supposed to do. And so it goes on. And on. And on.

  3. My WIP has fallen to the wayside yet again because of my work and school. I also have dreams of writing for a living. I’ve been feeling really bad about not getting any writing done to the point that it has been adding extra stress to the stress mountain that is my thesis. I had to change my mindset and constantly remind myself that any amount of words I get on the page is great as long as I’m moving forward.

    • I’ve taken to thinking even a small amount is okay. I try to write in the evenings but quite often I don’t finish until 8 or 9pm from the day job. I already get up at 6am, so getting up earlier isn’t the answer. So like you I am cutting myself some serious slack. I hope the thesis is going well. I am also studying and take the final exam in less than two weeks…. YIKES. Good luck with you thesis..

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