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I love stories whether they be in hardback, softback, electronic or audio. It’s amazing how my little journey into writing started with a story and thinking I can do that better! This writing thing has been a lifelong dream that continues to knock at the doors of my head and when it’s going well, creates some of the greatest legal highs available.


Yet, I find myself reading at the moment. I’ve devoured books as I always do, having finished three novels in the last five evenings. One has been an old warmly remembered friend of a wordsmith. The others have been of the new breeds, thrillers for the most part which aren’t my usual thing. I love these little interludes and moments of escape. I will always be a reader and a writer.


Don’t misunderstand me, I love you all and yet the lure of this stack of books has caught my attention more keenly than writing in this blog. Work is crazy and the stories are escapism and surreal helping me to decompress and download.


I have also been asked by my Dad to send him the link to my blog after my husband casually dropped it into conversation that I was writing. This has left me a little nervous, hell who am I kidding…. Terrified.


I am not sure this is an area of myself that I want to share? Do I want him to read some of the things I have written? Personal things?


To Share or Not to Share?


That is my question.




8 thoughts on “GONE READING – BACK SOON

  1. That is a very difficult notion isn’t it. A blog, while it goes out to countless people, they are for the most part, people we do not see on a day to day basis and that’s some of the appeal. It’s anonymous and so we can say what we like with out having to have a conversation with a loved on about it. With out worrying that we might have offended that loved one. I don’t have an answer for you, unfortunately. Only one person in my life reads my blog and I can tell you that I right with that knowledge in mind. I might actually be a little more revealing if he didn’t read it. But now that your father has asked, it would be awkward to say no. This is tricky.

  2. And of course read you must! That’s something that we all can understand.
    I have to admit I don’t think anyone in my immediate family or vicinity reads my blog (or else they do it so discreetly that I haven’t noticed). I think I would be quite uncomfortable if they did, because it reveals my writing self as opposed to my everyday or professional self.

  3. I relate completely. I mentioned to my aunt I had a blog, and now she subscribes, and it definitely affects my mindset when I write–sometimes a lot, sometimes barely, but it does.

    In other news: I, too, have a rash o’ bookery from liberry–One of which is a Steinbeck I missed somehow: Travels w Charlie–and so am inclined to lose myself therein. Go to it, SJ! Reading only adds to your writing talents..:)

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