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I love stories whether they be in hardback, softback, electronic or audio. It’s amazing how my little journey into writing started with a story and thinking I can do that better! This writing thing has been a lifelong dream that continues to knock at the doors of my head and when it’s going well, creates some of the greatest legal highs available.


Yet, I find myself reading at the moment. I’ve devoured books as I always do, having finished three novels in the last five evenings. One has been an old warmly remembered friend of a wordsmith. The others have been of the new breeds, thrillers for the most part which aren’t my usual thing. I love these little interludes and moments of escape. I will always be a reader and a writer.


Don’t misunderstand me, I love you all and yet the lure of this stack of books has caught my attention more keenly than writing in this blog. Work is crazy and the stories are escapism and surreal helping me to decompress and download.


I have also been asked by my Dad to send him the link to my blog after my husband casually dropped it into conversation that I was writing. This has left me a little nervous, hell who am I kidding…. Terrified.


I am not sure this is an area of myself that I want to share? Do I want him to read some of the things I have written? Personal things?


To Share or Not to Share?


That is my question.





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My husband and I, spent a wonderful three days in South West Cornwall last week at a self-catering cottage located just outside Porkellis.

Ruby Farmhouse Cottages were simply stunning both in their location and standards of comfort. We stayed at the quirky named “Dingley Cottage” which is their smallest property on the farm. Whilst it was not expansive it was pretty, well equipped and perfect for us as a couple to use as a base to explore the area.

We arrived at around 3.45pm on Wednesday afternoon with the ubiquitous Sat-Nav having guided us door to door at the end of some very narrow lanes that were great fun to drive on. The cottage was lovely and the photos from the website don’t really do it justice. There was a wonderful cream tea with fruit scones left out by Arran, whom we had arranged the booking which was a very thoughtful touch.

The cottage was fitted out with all the modern amenities that you could wish for and yet still retains an old world charm. There was a pretty table with chairs in the kitchen area and the lounge had a T.V with satellite Freeview that we studiously avoided during our stay. The wardrobe in the main bedroom had lots of hangars and space for storage and the double bed was extremely comfortable. There was a small bathroom en-suite with shower that had both the decent water pressure you want and seemingly un-ending hot water.

Outside, there was a log built table and chairs in the secret garden which was a great  spot to enjoy a glass of wine and look up at the stars coming out in the evening. In the same area, a barbecue was provided but we chose to eat out and took full advantage of the excellent traditional English pub called The Star Inn that is a five-minute walk-up the hill on our first night.

We spent Thursday exploring and made it to the Lizard which is the most southerly point in England. There is a cove and some interesting café’s and tourist type shops. A top look-out is the fake Gorilla sat in someone’s front garden as you drive down the little lanes towards the point. As with everywhere around this part of the world the views were spectacular.

We also went to Falmouth with its surprising combination of the traditional and modern. One end of the town centre is all quirky art galleries and seafood restaurants and the other a typical modern town centre. The harbour is great for a walk, to watch the boats speeding across the bay and enjoy the sea air. We also made it to St Ives and one of the best known landmarks of this part of Cornwall – St Michaels Mount.

I thoroughly recommend brown sign chasing as we spent a couple of wonderful hours following them to interesting places that we would never have found otherwise. We loved the Tremayne Chocolate Factory with it’s resident llamas in the next field along (I am not making this up) and spent a fortune on handmade chocolates.

On Friday we had booked something a bit special through Dingley Cottage –  a morning of sketching the landscape with a local artist Greg. We arrived at the Eco Project in Sancreed after thoroughly enjoying a scenic drive through traditional Cornish villages at the appointed time. I will be doing another post on this little excursion as it was absolutely brilliant and far removed from the usual beach and sand castles, you expect in this part of Cornwall.

Saturday saw us very sad to say goodbye to Dingley and leave the beautiful area behind;  we stopped off at the River Cottage Restaurant and Deli in Axminster, Devon (run by the celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall). The food was superb and lessened the blow, a bit.

I think when we next visit Cornwall we will choose “Dingley Cottage” again. The scene was so well situated that nowhere was out of reach. It was secluded yet central at the same time and the special trip we made with the local artist was just the icing on an otherwise already overflowing cake. Three days was definitely not long enough and I am hoping to return.

We found our own little slice of English heaven.

Comments, as always, welcome.



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Now that I am edging towards the second half of my thirties, there are a few things that my mother definitely never covered in our mother daughter chats. Although I am not sure I would have believed her even if she’d told me…

  1. You will look in the mirror one day and not recognise yourself. This will happen overnight and you’re certain that you didn’t look like this yesterday.
  2. You don’t know what’s at number one and have never heard of half the songs in the download chart. Music also sounds louder at lower volumes even though you know you used to play songs at a level eight – the six is now quite loud enough thank you.
  3. You will get hangovers even if you used to come home in the early hours and arise fresh and rested after two hours sleep. You lost three days in recovery time the last time you got drunk.
  4. You will be able to keep more than one bottle of vino in the house without drinking it. In fact you have a rack that has wine in it!
  5. You will enjoy staying in more than dressing up.
  6. You are inexplicably attracted to the colour beige when clothes shopping and have a bit of a moment, consequently bursting into tears and needing a stiff drink to sort you out.
  7. You will walk into rooms and forget what you went in for. You will then stand for about ten minutes before checking the internet to see what the early signs of Alzheimer’s are.
  8. Hair starts to grow in unusual places even if you are a woman, it’s just that nobody talks about it.
  9. You will start to wear flat shoes even if previously you haven’t been seen in anything less than four inches. Ballet shoes become your new go-to.
  10. The garden starts to become interesting and you find yourself at the weekend going to the garden centre and spending an extraordinary amount of time looking at plants.

So what have you noticed that you think should be in the life manual?

Comments, as always, welcome.