I have in the space of one week been befriended by a “hot” author and rejected by another!

Author 1

The first Author who approached me unsolicited for my friendship is famous. I was so convinced that she was an imposter, I demanded proof that I wasn’t being conned by a thirteen year old teenage boy. When this was duly provided, it left me feeling simultaneously star-struck and guilty. I may have written an unkind comment about this person resembling a chirpy librarian in another post somewhere on this blog…
Having a famous GOODREAD friend can be hazardous to your blogging health. Especially as I commented angry (which they will never know or care about) in the feedback section of a very popular blog. I read an article that was swimming with jealousy, literary snobbery and hypocrisy.

The article itself was a great idea and could have been brilliant. The mistake (in my opinion) was commenting based on other people’s opinion of my new GOODREADS BFF work, and not sticking to the facts or even giving a “personal” assessment.

I think my argument went something like “if you haven’t read the books then don’t write about their validity, language or quality content”.  I think the phrase that made me angriest from the original article went as follows:-

“But I do hope you’ll join me, fellow self-publishers, in being glad that this isn’t one of ours.
“I rolled my eyes at myself?” Don’t our books get enough stick as it is?

I was shocked and surprised to receive a response that picked me up on the grammar of my feedback.  It went a bit downhill from there.  I have to admit in all honesty that I am ashamed of my original comment and angry when I replied to the Grammar rebuff.  I should have waited until I had calmed down after reading the article and then given constructive points and not ranting – It appears however, that I am a very flawed and deeply opinionated human being.

Author 2

The second Author sent me a personal note saying that she would actually rather not, when I sent out a GOODREADS request from the look for your friends app. At first I felt slightly miffed, in a  “Who does she think she is?” Kind of way – I then totally got it.  How would having another wannabe author as a mate, help her get her work out there to readers? Especially as GOODREADS restricts the number of friends you can have to a maximum of five thousand. I ended up feeling happy and supportive of the author, after all she took the time to write me a note and her reasoning was sound. Who knows maybe that will be me one day…

Unable to accept a friend request because there are four thousand and nine hundred and ninety-nine other readers I want to reach out too.

A girl can dream….

Comments, as always, welcome.


  1. Huh. I joined GR a few months back–to support someone doing something or another…and just yesterday added any books at all. I am intrigued by it, though, and thought this was a great post to intrigue me yet more. Just the right balance of intelligent, snarky, funny & backstory for me to wonder about original exchange! (I, too, tend to pour it on, and then try to blot it off, hehe) Still working on the count to ten thing to kick in–good write, SJ.

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