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I wrote last week that I was going to post a blog on Mon, Wed and Fri.Β  I failed miserably to live up to that statement. I managed the Monday and Wednesday and then posted a sneaky award post this morning (SAT). So why the abysmal lack of stamina in sticking to the self-imposed rules? After all in the last two months I’ve achieved at least three posts each week, even in a hectic schedule.

When it becomes forced, my drive to write and my authenticity goes off somewhere else. I arrive at completely blank and stay there. My mind is drier than a desert dwellers sandal. I could feel the pressure building as each blog date approached. I would get distracted at work as each evening fell. Oh, now I have to go home and blog! I had originally planned to have a couple of blog posts scheduled in advance, ergo, then I would have to just set the date for release. This would have avoided the stress of thinking, now I have to write something, anything, just to get the content out.

It wasn’t fun or enjoyable, it felt like work and not the good kind. I also felt guilty that I was breaking a promise I had made to post on certain days. I may not get a massive amount of likes on each post and the number of views are always a bit weird. I swear someone at WP HQ is just playing with me. I do get a lot of comments though and that’s where I get my kicks. Read anyone’s blog on any subject and then read the comments section. Often, it’s the best bit! That is where the action is, that’s where you get your engagement and interaction. I love you opinionated people, you rock.

I did a post recently, where two commentators had a debate in my comments section, with each other, I just watched (that sounds a bit creepy, sorry). I was so thrilled and kept checking to see who was going to say something next. It is part of what makes this exciting and enjoyable.

In closing, the universe (not for the first time) laughed at my plan, as did my creativity and authenticity. So posts will return to an as and when basis. I think we’ll both enjoy them more.

Comments as always welcome!


  1. Nobody laughing here. I think you have proved to your followers that you have something worthwhile to read. And they will look forward to and await what you have to say whenever you are ready to say it.

    You only owe it to yourself to write what you want and do the best that you think you can.

    I have all day everyday to plan my blogs. You wouldn’t know it, but each one takes hours and hours to do. I edit and re-edit. I like to make some of my own graphics and that takes time. And always changing up a rhyme. But I do it for my own enjoyment first. And hopefully a few will laugh and give a little comment. I don’t have large following…but some regulars.

    And yes, the comments are fun. The back and forth makes you know folks better. I try to answer back. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Mixed Up. Yes it does show that you plan your blogs and that you employ good editing skills. But your comment is right. If you don’t enjoy it then why would you bother to make the superb little graphics that you do! Count me in to being a regular. :o) Big is not always best. I’d take quality over quantity every time.

      • Rereading what I wrote…..and I sounded like I was the expert on blogging. LOL Far from it. I am sure you knew that I only meant some of us probably have lots of time to fiddle and play here. Some of you are into serious writing…. πŸ™‚ And it shows!

        Thanks for the follow.

  2. β€œβ€¦they will look forward to and await what you have to say whenever you are ready to say it.” β€” Agreed.

    I also have to admit that I’ve been feeling some pressure about writing after coming up with a predetermined set of goals for the month of August. I have been writing quite a bit, but not where I had originally intended. I’m also trying to come up with some good topics that interest me, as well as others, so that I can pass on some writing wisdom that I have gained. With so many topics available that interest me, it’s hard to know which I should write about.

    Forced writing is never the best writing. The lack of words, the mixture of thought, and the overall quality usually verifies such theories. Writing that pours out from the heart is quite often the best. It’s hard to hear what a heart is saying on a regular day, much less while feeling stressed or pressured into something. Take the time to get your thoughts in order before attempting to put words to them. We’ll be ready to listen when you’re ready to share.

    • I do force myself to write on the WIP, but for some reason it’s different? I can be a planner on the novel and yet it appears to blog effectively that I am a pantser? I never knew I could do both, so this has been a bit of a revelation.

      • That’s interesting. Some would say that writing a novel and writing for a blog are two different mediums, though both are writing, which could be the result of why it works out for one but not the other.

  3. Don’t worry about it – just do what feels natural to you, you’ll still have readers.

    I planned the content of my current blog some months ahead, writing short posts each with an artwork or photo and a question. My plan was to schedule them all ahead. What I’ve been doing, though, is scheduling them about two weeks ahead and then writing an impromptu post in between and making the one that had been scheduled, draft again. This way, I’ve been able to write what and when I’ve felt like it and not feel that I’m letting myself or anyone else down. I just wish I’d thought to do it this way when I have my previous blog. Ah, but we all learn our lessons in our own way! πŸ™‚

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