I have been sadly behind in my acceptance of awards lately, so apologies. I am very nervous about these awards as there tends to be a divided opinion on their validity. A lot of people say they are no better than chain letters, however, I was happy to receive the awards but as usual I am not sticking to the rules!

I want the people who I award these to, to know that I really do rate their blogs and they’re nominated for their quality and content (and not just running out of other people to nominate). I am going to nominate one blog for each award! I will also not write the seven things about me but I will leave you with a thought for the day! For my nominee’s, if you want to stick to the original rules… (seven things people will find interesting or don’t know and seven nominees).

I will also thank the people who nominated me… (You are really very kind)

Sisterhood Award:

Thank you to Liza at for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. In her own words – I am the leading character in this show….  She writes a great blog, please go see.

My nominee is –  – LittleTash, writes from the heart about writing, baking, weddings and other things. Go say Hi!

Reader Appreciation

Thank you to for nominating me for the Reader Appreciation Award. You really are very kind and I was in some great company for that award. Jemonje writes that her world is “Mostly words. And a world. My world.” – Go check her out.

My nominee is – – Tamara, writes about writing but often raises questions that I enjoy thinking about answering. I love Blogs that make me think and Tamara always does. Go see her!

Beautiful Blogger

Thank you to Daniela of the  for nominating me for The Beautiful Blogger award. What can I say about Daniela, mmm, nothing that hasn’t been said already, go check out her blog (It’s like the Oscars over there, she has so many awards and all deserved.)

My nominee is – at Charron’s Chatter. Her blog is a bit of everything from Limericks to “Paying it Forward” for some amazing charities that she posts about. I have often been surprised, delighted and amused when visiting. I have never been bored! GO SEE HER NOW!

Thought for the Day!

Why do we always blame the last drink of the evening for our hangovers, when it was just as likely the first?


  1. Oh, thank you! I’m even more touched that you only nominated one from each category. I have a similar dilemma about awards and this is a great way to participate without spending your entire blogging life typing lists and setting up links… I may steal it sometime soon!

  2. I know what you mean about chain letters, but the appreciation is very nice, isn’t it? I certainly enjoy your blog.

    And thank you, by the way. I’m glad you enjoy taunt my blog. I’ve been having a lot of run-ins with liars lately, so you can probably expect a rant/blog on that topic soon. Writing is therapy, right?

    • It certainly is Therapy! And the appreciation is very nice and makes you want to go on creating. I really enjoy your Blog and wanted to nominate only one person so that they KNOW it was a conscious act rather than just a name on a list! I love that you make me think. To be honest I usually agree with you but that is not the point! Look forward to the rant!

  3. Thank you, Sarah! I am not sure altogether what to do now…am I supposed to write a post about 7 things about me? Forgive my lack of know-how, but this is my first such “flare” distinction…:) My inclination is–of course–to volley right back to you, because your blog is a wonderful breath in the middle of a hectic day, too. In other words…you rock.

    • Firstly I am stunned that you don’t already have a sackful of these things! Secondly I’ve posted the rules on the 500 likes post. Thirdly, I love you too! But why not make someone-elses day, who you read and enjoy?

      • I am: not–and thank you—and I will!! Super cool and fun…Now to think of 7 things that are interesting about me…um…my phone And I have a few peeps in mind right off the bat to honor, too. I will get to work on it, and post ASAP! (plus I love that word: meme) 🙂

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  6. i have nominated you for the super sweet blogger award,because i do like your blog and posts. also because you have always been nice to me 🙂 i award because of the niceness of the blogger and such criteria as that. (this is the second time for me)

    • Oh Wow, thank you so much for the award and as to the niceness, I have no reason not to be nice? You are a lovely person who is setting an example that it doesn’t have to be darkness and death no matter how low you get or how hard life tries to break you. There is hope and you can survive. I AM Honored!

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