I have not attempted poetry in over twenty years and I am always very jealous of those who are able to do this. Personally I think they are magicians. I hope mine is not as bad as a “Vogon” (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). Oh and I also realised whilst writing this I have no idea, at all, on how you are supposed to punctuate this stuff!


As a child, I escaped with you into unknown places,

Playing in fairy-tales, with imaginary friends in wooded creeks and springs,

My helpers grew silent as the years passed, put away like dolls and racing cars,

Their well-being passed along by you in stories of elsewhere

As I grew into bones of drama and discontented

You comforted me in your way with gentle sighs

As I read my world of books, you admonished in hushed tones,

That I could cause such wonder, if I would dare to dream such dreams

With every false start and forgotten spirit of a tale, you danced and stomped

You gave me the sounds of voices never heard in this fifteen minute world

You watched and waited, spinning your tales and softly obscuring the dish-bound sink

Showing me better and more wish-soaked vistas,

Where evil can be conquered and hope resides in hearts unseen

Now I listen intently; though I often fear old man time has robbed me of your gifts

Yet, you return, time again, laughing with glee at the game

Speaking in astonished wonder at my horror – that you could ever, ever, leave me

Because you are more constant than your friend, the lady of the luck



    • Glad you like Douglas – Long dark tea time of the soul – Is how I discovered him (I then promptly read everything he had ever written). I also use his piece about the seven Penguins “all the time”. Thanks for liking it. Big smiles here.

      • The human brain can only remember seven unique things in the short term memory at any one time. So if you were to think of seven penguins, go on – dress them up in your head, give them individual names, maybe some have funny hats on? Now, got em? Try thinking of an eighth penguin…. One of your original seven penguins will have fallen off a short term memory cliff.

      • i love the way Douglas could take interesting ideas such as this, and explain them in a memorable and entertaining way. I’d not heard that before, and it is so true that there is only so much the brain can remember.
        In my job, i am always being given more things to remember, more exceptions to apply to the standard rules i operate by. My usual response whenever anyone asks me to add something else to my “must remember list” is always “ok, but which other essential thing would you like me to forget?” I think from now on i will say “ok, i’ll remember that, but you lose a penguin.” the fact that they won’t know what i mean will amuse me greatly, and no i won’t elaborate for them.

  1. hey you did great! i’m glad to know i’m not the only one that doesn’t understand yet how to properly punctuate poems. i long ago forgot all the rules to writing “proper english”. BUT i hope to rectify that with my writing class this fall. 🙂

    • Hey Raven, we learn a lot of our grammar usage when really young and if you didn’t grow up in a house full of books and support like I did, it’s tough having to re-learn everything. That being said, I have forgotten most of the rules I learned at school and there are lots of really helpful resources on the internet! I found some University/College ones and free downloads when I came back to writing again after a long break!

  2. I am so glad you wrote poetry … and this is very beautiful poem … my favourite: ‘grew into bones of drama and discontented …’ that my friend is simply beautiful, and then there is this: ‘As I read my world of books, you admonished in hushed tones, That I could cause such wonder, if I would dare to dream such dreams … Well Done,

  3. The “you” is an the metaphysical incarnate. The wonder at the world…? An unbiased interpretation? The Zen of a child, if you willl…I am getting all these things from your written friend, and think this poem is just wonderfully evocative. It’s like brushstrokes it’s so pretty. Keep it up–you’ve passed the “trying” part of your moniker, and then some.

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