Opinion is divided on the “Awards” issue. I remember as a start-up blogger seeing these beautiful little graphics proudly displayed on people’s blogs and thinking wow, I hope someone sees enough merit in my little corner of blog land to nominate me one day.

Some say the awards are chain letters and don’t as a rule accept them and that’s absolutely fine. However, I think the awards are lovely and have always thanked those that felt that I am worthy of them (whether they only nominated me as they’d run out of other bloggers to nominate is not the point. It’s a nice thought.)

Yesterday, I came across a post about a New Award that someone had invented called the “Delusional” blogger award. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally agreed that the blog they awarded (by posting it in the comments section) was frankly abhorrent. There is however, a bigger question here – Where does it stop?

Taken from the comments in the post without permission.

My Comment:-

I’m sorta pleased you did this and sorta worried. Yes, I think the Blog in question totally deserves this award. But where does it stop? Does it end up with the cool bloggers and the not cool bloggers? Anyone put in the not cool group gets this award? Just saying… For example the lady above doesn’t HAVE to read the poop blog, that’s the great thing about blogging.

The response:-

“It stops wherever it needs to. I heap praise upon those who deserve it and I reserve the right to express my disdain for others.”

Is it just me or does anyone else think. ASSHOLE (or ARSEHOLE if you’re British). You see I believe powerfully in the freedom of speech and the right to believe in whatever the hell you want to. So this Blogger heaps praise on those who deserve it and reserves the right to express disdain for others? Who made him lord and master of the blogosphere?

Do we start awarding the “Bad Grammar Award” for blogs with dangling participles (whatever the hell that means)? Does it end up like school again?

Hey, I am so cool that I reserve the right to talk down to you like a patronising idiot, because you don’t believe in the same things as me and your blog doesn’t meet my lofty criteria?

Do you know what, if you don’t like a blog then don’t follow it, read it or interact with it. You could even try blogging about why the views espoused by that blog are wrong (in your opinion); you know get all intellectual and intelligent on them. That is the right you have, awarding the blog you don’t like with a nasty award – that just makes you a troll my friend.

Green Devils

THERE ARE TROLLS – Be careful out there!


30 thoughts on “THE WORST AWARD, EVER

  1. I’ll never understand why people go out of their way to be ugly. I do book reviews online, and if I don’t care for the book, I don’t review it. I don’t trash it. The author doesn’t deserve that. I just don’t comment on it. And if I read a blog or a comment online that makes me think “Well, THAT person is obviously an idiot,” I don’t point it out to them…I just don’t say anything at all. Why bother? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just don’t feel it’s necessary to hurt someone else’s feelings with mine. You can disagree politely with someone without putting them down or insulting them. There is enough negative energy in this world without me adding to it.

    • I agree Tamara, as much as the blog he awarded it too was full of hate and vitriol about a persons sexuality and mentioned Jesus a lot. That doesn’t matter, the ignorant idiot saying those things is just as entitled to say them on their own blog. As for negative energy, I completely agree…

  2. Totally understandable! I have received two awards that could fall under the category of “chain awards” but I was just honored that my peers thought enough of me to give them to me. I’ve also seen where some bloggers have created buttons and awards themselves (that could be pretty cool), but you’re right. Where does it stop? I guess if there’s going to be awesome awards there has to be crappy ones too.

    • I know I really loved getting the awards too. The weirdest thing was that whilst I was writing this post I was nominated for another one! I love the funny and nice awards that people create and you don’t have to take part if you don’t want to. I just don’t like the idea of being judged…. If you don’t like it, don’t read it – taking the time to create a nasty award and then actually post it on the blog of someone else. That’s just, well – MEAN

    • I agree, the award is only as good as the person awarding it. It wasn’t the fact that he’d created the award, it was that he had actually taken the time to post it on the accused blog. Oh and his response, which made me, a bit tetchy. :o)

  3. I have received (only 2) lol. And I sent them on. But I can do without. I feel more honored when someone just leaves a comment. And even more honored if we get to have a little back and forth in our comments.
    I like to know that…….oh blogger X will be here tomorrow with a cute little nothing about my blog and I will respond with a cute little nothing about his.

    That makes me feel good and I know that I have made some friends and had some fun. 🙂

    • I love comments and discussion, I think that is half the reason I took up blogging. It’s great to be able to talk to people about their views and interact with strangers who you might not meet in the every day. I personally love my little space here, although I did get told off, for using the world arsehole by a commentator a minute ago. Shuffles feet – I said sorry.

      Count yourself in to my little place. P.S Glad you haven’t stopped following me for getting serious.

  4. trolls for real..sounds like the blogger that said i’m to stupid to know my blogs trash. what a bitch she is. it also sounds familiar of a certain forums members style. i just stay away from her blog,she has nothing interesting or even vaguely non-delusional to write about. i agree with YOU TRYINGTOWRITEIT on all your points.

  5. Good Morning….I think I may be heading for trouble here, but I have to include a few thoughts. I love the post and agree with a lot of the sensibilities expressed. There are always folks everywhere who have nothing better to do with their time than bicker and hold forth with caustic opinions. I have read all of the comments here and find it genuinely easy to agree with most of them…on principle alone. However….and this is where I may cause some consternation (hopefully not…)….I think it is almost as bad to cast these folks in an all-encompassing bad light because they have elected to speak their opinion. Speaking directly to several comments here that essentially said “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all..”, or “I don’t publish bad reviews.” Consider this. If you are indeed writing on-line reviews, are your readers not entitled to know what you think?? That is, afterall, what you are supposed to be doing…reviewing. Reviews, by their nature, are both good and bad….and various positions between the two. We read reviews to better understand what others think about a subject. If all I ever read were good reviews, what possible value would they have for me?? And…Is always “saying something nice..” the best policy?? To what degree does this require you to sacrifice your integrity?? While we shouldn’t intentionally hurt someone, honesty is still the best policy….just be nice.!! There is one last thing that has been somewhat overlooked here. That is the scope of the public forum in which we find ourselves. Surely we all understand that when we “publish” our words on these pages, we are inviting public comment. To claim otherwise is to invite ridicule. If we are not ready to have others read and evaluate what we write, we should not waste our time here. If you are easily insulted or do not wish to have any negative feedback, just keep your blog “private.”

    Having said all of that, this particular ***hole is obviously one of the ones who get off by expressing caustic opinion. There is only one thing to do….ignore it.

    • Wow, Howard that’s a blog post all on it’s own and a very reasoned response… I do leave bad reviews about books but they are constructive if possible and I tend to talk about both the positive and the negative. So, I totally agree with you on this point. If you check out my latest post it says something along those lines about the Genuine Reviewer. Yes, you do have to put up with criticism if you put yourself out there and there are some really good things that can come out of that. Like better writing! So you are not being contentious – just wonderful, as always.

      • Thank you for understanding.!! It is always my intent to express myself in a reasonable manner. I read your posts religiously and value your opinion…..Thanks again.!!

    • You do make valid points. I agree, bad reviews do offer something to readers, however…let’s see if I can find the right words to explain why I don’t review books I don’t like…I put work into my book reviews, usually at least an hour or so into the actual writing–and that obviously doesn’t include the time spent actually reading the book. My time is limited, and I just cannot make myself put that effort into reviewing a book that I DON’T like. To be honest, I’ve finally gotten to the point where, if I’m just not into the story in say the first two chapters, I will actually STOP reading the book and not finish it. It’s taken me years to get to that point, since my OCD usually demands that I finish books that I start. I work full-time, I go to school full-time, I insist on having time for my own writing…I just can’t see wasting time I barely have to review a book I didn’t like. So, now that I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t finish books I don’t care for, I guess it’s more accurate to say that I don’t even bother reading (or at least finishing) books that I don’t like, therefore I don’t review books that I don’t like.

      Does that make sense? I feel like I’m talking in circles…I don’t review every book I read. I only review the ones I REALLY like because the reason I do the book reviews is to pay it forward and help spread the word about that book/author. If I’m not excited about it, then it’s hard for me to justify (to myself) the time spent on the book and the review (and it’s not like I’m making any money from the reviews).

      • Hi Tamara, That does make perfect sense and I can completely understand why you choose not to review the books you don’t like, especially if you haven’t finished them.
        I know how difficult it is when you have a limited amount of time (I am off this week, however I usually work in excess of 50 hours not including my commute) and you are right you are not getting paid for it. That’s completely and utterly your choice not to review books you don’t like. I love the expression “pay it forward” by the way. Note to Self: If Tamara is unwilling to review my book in six months time it means she doesn’t like it….. :o( LOL

        P.S However, a nice bad review can be as valuable in certain circumstances as a good one. I tend not to read any book that doesn’t have at least one three star or lower review…

        The reason I don’t read anything that doesn’t have at least one neutral or negative review. All the books that I love by successful commercial authors, have at least one negative review. Because not everyone is going to like your work. I am always a bit distrustful of 10 solely five star reviews.

      • I agree that there is value in negative or neutral reviews. I guess it’s just hard for me because I can usually find something of value in everything I read. I’ve had to become a much more discriminating reader with my
        time so limited. Not finishing books is hard for me, but a couple of weeks ago, I stopped reading two different galleys within the
        first two chapters because they didn’t capture my interest.

        Paying it forward is something I believe in whole-heartedly. That’s why I usually mentor a newbie during NaNo. It’s a concept I picked up from Holly Lisle and the Forward Motion website. And I’d be very interested in reading some of your work, if you ever need someone to.

      • Thank you for responding Ms. Tamara….I completely understand your position. What I said was not intended to cause anyone any concern. I feel certain that you understand that so I am happy to read your response. From my perspective, reviews are very important. Understand, I read a lot….really. I completed over 150 full length books last year. I read the average novel length book in one night. While I am not in school at this time, I certainly do have many things which require my attention. That is the main reason I consider reviews to be so important. I do not read things that do not interest me. But I frequently read books that are not properly supported by research…..opinions that are expressed as fact…..and authors who run fast and loose with veracity. So, while I may indeed like the book enough to read it, that does not mean that it is worthy of a good review. I don’t write many reviews, but I read a lot of them.!! It helps me get a handle on the book before I buy it (or read it..). In any event, I certainly understand your position and respect you for stating it clearly. Incidentally, I really like your blog. I think I will have to follow it now that I have read some of it.!!
        Be well…

      • I agree that accurate reviews are very important for the reader, especially those of us with limited time. When I come across something in my reading that’s inaccurate, it generally drives me mad. I certainly wouldn’t want to waste any of my precious reading time on something like that.

        And thank you for the comment about my blog.

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