I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who follows me for hanging in there over the last two months and rest assured that my blog will start to have a sense of maturity and seriousness with this new milestone that has been sadly lacking thus far.

Or there again, maybe not. Me and my blog are quite enjoying having fun and sploshing around in the murky puddles of my mind with our Wellies on (galoshes for anyone outside the UK)..

I had a “Duvet Day” yesterday with the husband and it was bliss. I now have a full week off with no distractions to write a minimum of a blog a day, continue with the book and sort out the style and menus of this blog! – I have also gone Pro. Yes, I treated myself to the Upgrades bundle here on WordPress and I’ve got my very own .COM. So expect to see changes over the next week, along with it reverting back to exactly the same style it started with, when I figure out that actually, I liked it just the way it was.

I am also going to be looking into the mysterious world of the “Plug In” and may even attempt some CSS. Err, so if you visit and get nothing but a blank page, it will probably be all my fault.

Expect to see posts about several strange quirks that go on in the IWTWI household over the coming days. Including and not limited to another post about the bed-linen (Nothing kinky I promise, not a IWTWI, very own shades style expose).

Robin Williams and Pam Dawber as Mork and Mindy
Robin Williams and Pam Dawber as Mork and Mindy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There will be Posts about writing this week, including whether I am going to sign up for NaNo (National Novel Writers Month) in November. I can’t help but giggle a bit when I write Na No. I think of NaNu, NaNu from Mork & Mindy. I’ve just lost anyone under the age of twenty-five haven’t I?

I will actually have a couple of serious posts thrown in for good measure…. There are a couple of things I have wanted to write about that every time I’ve sat down to do, I’ve frozen up – So I’m hoping for an emotional thaw!So last but not least a big thank you to all the regular commentators and dare I say electronic friends I’ve made thus far.

Sorry all, I am a bit over excited this week (think new puppy and favourite toy), comments as always welcome.


  1. “rest assured that my blog will start to have a sense of maturity and seriousness with this new milestone that has been sadly lacking thus far.”

    NO NO NO…….. I repeat………. NO NO NO

    May have to stop following you…….if you get serious. 😦 Well, maybe an occasional mature thought will be acceptable.

  2. Congrats, on your dot com, Sarah! You will love–and not switch back. I have found WP folk really helpful with CSS. Congrats on your 2 month mark, too, I just passed up 3 months at the end of July–I started April 29th–and it is quite an involved endeavor, and demanding of one’s time. So, power to us, I suppose! (and I am glad you had your duvet day….I read–just for chick lit fun–Sophie Kinsella sometimes..and your expressions remind me of her easy, breezy writing style) She even has a book out titled: “Under the Duvet”…:) Anyway. Great post, and I’ll be interested to see what comes next!

    • Aww, as always thank you. Congratulations on the three month mark. It is quite amazing how much work you have to put into a blog. I am stunned by the sheer volume of stuff you can do… Nice post today about all the cool graphics you have accompanying your limericks! I was wondering where you got those.

      As for what comes next….. We’ll see. :o)

  3. Congratulations on your two-month-aversary! I’m excited for you and looking forward to seeing what comes out of your week of rest and relaxation.

    About the CSS – I think you’ll like it! I’ve found there are a couple of great features you can take advantage of without having to know a lot about coding (I know next to nothing.) The font customization and new colour palette features can really add to your blog’s look 🙂

  4. Er… you’re moving to self-hosted, or you’ve bought the pro package on I’m confused. You can’t have plugins here (on

    • I’ve just worked this out! Note too self need to harness my inner geek. I am looking forward to using CSS though and there seems to be a pretty good tutorial. I also like that I can change my colour palette and the fonts at will. I also love being a .com makes me feel more professional (Yes I know how sad that sounds).

      • I also got myself two domains here recently. Main reason is I can publicise them and then if I ever move to another host I can take them with me and the links won’t break. 🙂

  5. Oh and congrats on reaching two months! (Sorry, that was meant to be included in my previous comment but I hit the ‘post comment’ too quickly!)

  6. I shall grill you on everything you’ve learnt by “going pro” when you stay in our cottage, as I’m pretty lost on the bog standard version!! Shall look forward to what developes in the coming weeks. Good Luck

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