English: A photo of a white duvet.

English: A photo of a white duvet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With all the pressure in modern life for us all to get on with it, to seize the day, to be all we can be and all the other general planning and goal setting that goes on. I believe that just every so often, you need to do the exact opposite. Throw the rule book out the window and have a break. Have a duvet day! For all of those in long-term employment, I am not suggesting that you make a habit of these, however, I think we can all develop a bit of a tickly cough or a sore throat, resulting in a voice that sounds as if we are on the edge of death. One or two duvet days a year are the absolute maximum. Alternatively use a Sunday.


Whilst this may sound counter-intuitive, proper preparation will make sure that you get the greatest mileage from your twenty-four hours off. Got kids – you’ll need to send these to the parents for a couple of days. Got a husband/partner/wife, well if you can’t get him/her out of the house, have a joint duvet day. Just no fighting over the covers; if he/she is a hogger, you may want to get the ground rules straight before you start.

  1. Buy feel-good foods.

You don’t want to traipse out during the real day so make sure you stock the fridge with snack type treats that take an absolute minimum of effort to prepare.

2. Change the Bed.

There is nothing nicer than fresh clean bed-linen and as you’re going to spend a whole twenty-four hours with your duvet let’s make it smell nice. You don’t want to crocodile wrestle the covers into submission on the day, so this is another key prep stage.

3. Chores

Ensure that any cleaning or household chores are done the day before. This is your me time remember. There’s nothing worse than snuggling up on the couch or sofa worrying about the state of the bathroom.

4. Set Your Alarm

Ever got up on Saturday thinking you have to do something and then realised you don’t and gone back to bed. Feels good doesn’t it? Let’s set that up for yourself, then.

5. Switch everything off.

Yup, the Blackberry, the iPhone and definitely no email. You are for twenty-four hours at least INCOGNITO. Ensure the immediate family know that you are Okay, the day before. You don’t want the fire-brigade or police breaking down the door to discover you in your pyjamas with a face full of chocolate or pizza because of an over-anxious relative.


So there you have it. You now get to spend a whole twenty-four hours doing exactly as you please. After maybe spending a luxurious extra hour in bed, transfer yourself to the couch (don’t forget the duvet). Watch movies, listen to your favourite music, eat rubbish and indulge. No chores, no stress, just let yourself go. Fancy a NAP? You go for it. 3PM and fancy a drink, why not! Whether it be an expensive glass of wine or a hot chocolate with Marshmallows.

This day is all about you….


  1. To be honest……..I didn’t know what a duvet was. I do have this old blanket. It was made by an aunt years and years ago. Nothing special but it is so soft and pliable. I use it in the winter time for a little extra warmth as I sit watching TV. It just molds to my body. Then when I go to bed I just drag it on to bed.

    But back to the Duvet Day. I will vote for that.

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