bored. (Photo credit: lukemontague)

In the movies, when faced with a wall, our hero/heroine is likely to sail straight through in a flash car and seldom looks back. In fact they are unlikely to go through real bricks at all anymore. It will be a hosted pixel machination of the modern world. The total adrenaline and stress needed wouldn’t even fill a thimble. Real-life is not as serene; the object I have hit, feels somewhat harder than polystyrene or CGI.

I’m still writing and creating – this post is testament to that, but I find myself getting more and more frustrated with a lack of time and patience at what everyone else calls real-life.

A job that I used to, let’s say enjoy, it sounds better than tolerate, has me muttering away and clock watching for the day. We are talking about a good twelve hours not including commute most days. I did start to write in lunch hours at work, this seemed like it could start being hazardous to the health of my employment, so I’ve stopped.

I’ve just given up smoking which is not helping with my sense of frustration. Forty eight hours, three minutes and thirty-five seconds after extinguishing the last cigarette and I am listless and vapid.

I am in need of inspiration… I am in want of a goal… Even, my dream seems a little dulled today.

So what do you do when inspiration is hard to come by and you want to have a duvet day?


  1. Do something awesome! Think of something you love to do that is reasonable (e.g. going to a steakhouse for dinner, not cruising to Spain), and then do it! Just cancel all your plans one night/day and do it. Bring along people you enjoy spending time with (and get away from the people who are just meh), and have fun 🙂

  2. A duvet day! Yes please.
    I try to mix things up by going somewhere else to write. Perhaps a new cafe for coffee or even wearing something colourful and fun.
    It’s hard to keep the inspiration coming, isn’t it.

    • It comes in fits and starts… I am a morning person which doesn’t help. I already get up at 6am, so there isn’t any way I could do it in the morning. By 10.30 at night, I am shattered. I just get more and more frustrated at the “real life” stuff. But, I am not a quitter. Well, except for the cigarettes. :o) Three days now….

  3. Personally, if I’m that lacking in motivation, I just go with it and allow myself to be lazy. I’ve found that if I’m in the totally wrong mindset, if I *do* force myself to write, whatever I produce usually ends up being crap.

    • I’ve been think about setting a proper word total. I just don’t think that will work for me. Na No Mi Mo or whatever it is, just scares the living daylights out of me. Imagine the pressure! Thanks for commenting.

  4. I tend to give in and have a duvet day! That’s not what you wanted to hear, is it? I pretty much have no will-power I’m afraid. I have noticed, though, that the days that feel the hardest and depress me the most about my writing never seem so bad in retrospect. I beat myself up for only being able to concentrate for a short period of time, but the next day I’m happy that I at least did something.

  5. Sounds very familiar to me … some days I am just about to walk out of my office and keep on walking … but I do not. Not yet. When I feel like a ‘duvet day’; well I just have one. Then I get up the next day and remember ‘bird by bird’ mantra (from ‘Bird by Bird’ book) – it does wonders!
    Kind Regards,

    • Bird by bird is by Anne Lamott, it is by far the best book on writing I ever come across (I am researching others and will blog about it this weekend). It is funny, uplifting and honest! Try it, I bet you’d love it! Let me know if you do.

  6. Sometimes it helps to use your creative talents on other things such as painting, wood work, photography – then once you get your creative juices flowing again go back to writing. Sometimes you just have to sit your butt in the chair and write rubbish for awhile.

  7. Personally, I have bounced off of many walls (quite literally) to test just how sturdy they really are. Some are harder than they look; others simply hurt less.

    A nice game of Hearts or Chess usually satisfies the ramblings of my mind, though I’ve also found that juggling (for me) also helps quite a bit to take my mind off of things that shouldn’t be over-thought.

    • Thanks C.A. I see you’ve been helping out some fellow writers with website design. :o)

      I can juggle – marriage, work, pet ownership, writing and the list goes on. This snarky comment is because I can’t juggle even though I did try to teach myself a few years ago…. V. Jealous.

      • While I have used walls on many occasions to juggle, I was actually referring to a few times that I’ve literally run into walls to check their sturdiness.

        Web design is simply another hobby of mine. It allows some of my creativity to shine through.

        The easiest way to begin juggling is by attempting two objects in one hand. Start with either hand and then work on the opposite hand. It will make it much easier when it comes to adding the third and fourth.

  8. I think you have the duvet day. Get all your favorite everything–books, bon bons, booze…whatever floats your boat–NO RULES!!!–and give yourself a huge break. Don’t worry that you’re “wasting time” you’re not–you will become revitalized if you pamper yourself–someone has to, after all–and who knows? It could even be a duvet weekend. Call that friend who always knows just what to say. Spend a lot of time with that person. Let yourself be “stroked” as it were. And from one blogger to another–one aspiring author to another–I think you write VERY well. I feel like I am talking right to you, when I read your words, and that is not an easy thing to convey–think of the actual medium!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Believe it or not I also discovered a few hours after writing this that I have a whole week to play with! Ahhhhh the bliss and abandon. I’m trying to not give myself a hard time. I agree that sometimes ME TIME is the most important thing we can give ourselves. Thanks for commenting.

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