Axonometric view of the Olympic Stadium, showi...

Axonometric view of the Olympic Stadium, showing the various layers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a Brit, and an Englishwoman, it’s not often I feel very patriotic. In fact even the word patriotism is not used culturally over here when we talk about ourselves. We don’t do a lot in England for celebrations. Yes, I know we had the Jubilee this year but I suspect a good 50% of the people lining the mall were tourists and not Brits. Where I live in the Midlands whilst we were all grateful for the Bank Holiday, I don’t know that many people who had a street party – Mind you the weather was awful.

That’s not to say I am not proud of the Monarchy, the Queen works bloody hard and the entire royal family costs us twenty-two pence per annum (that even includes the relatively unknown royals – like Prince Michael of Kent). I think we get our moneys worth.

We tend not to take ourselves too seriously you see. We find public displays of anything faintly embarrassing and we’d rather you didn’t get too emotional on us. We are not quite sure how to comfort you.

However, the Olympics last night made me proud that I am British and English simultaneously. I have to  admit that I might even have shed a tear or two for the 7,500 volunteers who made it all possible. I think it says something about us that they also got the largest, loudest most emphatic cheer in the closing speeches given by Mr Rog.

Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were also  the usual Twitter conspiracies about how Danny Boyle had included themes that were a direct attack on the Conservative Government by celebrating our National Health Service and the Steel Workers, Miners etc. – with the Olympic Rings being forged by manufacturing. By and large I ignored these.

My personal Twitter Feed was full of thoughts of pride and passion.

I thought it was a wonderful celebration of unity, harmony and humour. We showed the world that even the Queen was prepared to get involved, with the “James Bond” sequence. The young men and women who lit the Olympic Cauldron were an inspired touch (demonstrating inspiration for the next generation) and even the cauldron itself designed by Thomas Heatherwick shows just how talented and creative we are.

Oh and I better not forget the music. All I can say is WoW. I want the Ipod playlist.

We even rolled out Paul McCartney at the end, who’s becoming what Noddy Holder is to Christmas at these events.

Thanks Danny, you made me really proud.


  1. The ceremony was wonderful………even if I saw the rerun…lol I agree that a lot of cheers need to go to the volunteers. It is the same with all the Olympic productions. Everyone always looks like a professional. This was not work; it was love. All the practice and practice and practice for a one night performance. But what a night to remember.

    You Brits done good!!

  2. Oh good old British modesty! Took me a while to figure it out! You guys truly know how to put on a good show and this last one was the best so far. Truly enjoyable and extremely well done.


    • i won’t say which one is better, because it depends on each person’s preference and taste. in my opinion, each country has a different approach to its culture. for Beijing, China chose to be subtle, stuck with the thousand-year tradition and history. for London, Great Britain chose a different approach, a new one, younger, mixing both old and new elements of its culture to the opening ceremony.

      so saying which one was better is like judging a book on its cover. *shrug*
      x yuki.

  3. I only watched the Bond sequence as I’m not a sports fan and the Olympics (sorry) just puzzles me really. My husband was overboard with enthusiasm on the opening ceremonies and was glued to the TV for them. But I loved that the Queen got into the spirit of the thing and agreed to be part of that Bond thing. (Which I am sure must’ve been mostly CGI for the two of them together but that doesn’t detract from it).

    • I thought the mix of old and new was really good. The music was especially awesome. I also loved the inclusion of the chap that invented the world wide web. Without him I wouldn’t be typing this reply! Thanks for commenting.

  4. i am not really a sport fan, but oh god how wonderful that opening ceremony was! the Queen didn’t look like she had fun, but who could blame her, jumping from a helicopter must be tiring 😀 this opening ceremony brought back so many childhood memories for me, especially the ones that i thought i forgot long time ago. Rowan Atkinson’s “Mr.Bean”? the best TV show of all time (i didn’t know that the show is British until the ceremony… shame on me). the fight between Mary Poppins and Voldemort? awesome. i think i love Great Britain a little more after this ceremony (before that i already love the literature, the culture, the tea, and the actors!)

    well done, Great Britain. well done.
    x yuki.

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