A post ago, I believed that someone whose blog I visited regularly had gone and I quite liked their unusual voice and friendly way. However, I soon learnt that they hadn’t gone anywhere; they had just been “upgrading” and had been “Freshly Pressed” no less!

Now, hooray, you are thinking, how wonderful!

By and large, I felt the same – There was just a teensy-weensy part of me that wasn’t on that page of overflowing happiness and rainbows. This segment of me, was hulk green and snotty about the FP my friend had just received.  I think I may have actually muttered to myself.

You see, I want to get FP’ed. I know I shouldn’t, I know it’s wrong and it shouldn’t matter to me. BUT IT DOES.

I am extremely competitive. I know it is not a very attractive quality. I have spent most of my life fighting or striving and whilst the direction may differ (I’ve aimed both for the gutter and the stars and my downwards aim is much better), it’s part of what makes me, well me.

How does FP work? Are there like, people who read Blogs and then report back to a shadowy figure in a high back chair with a white cat. Or do you nominate? Is it how many times someone presses the “press this” button. Is it based on views or stats. Horror, are we being monitored. A team of people looking at monitors saying things like “She’s hit the magical 150 mark, send out the raven.”

If this is the case I am going to wait an extremely long time….

Chap in shadow stares at the monitors,  “Only, 10 views again today”, or on some days – A big fat (nobody cares) zero.

So – Me being Me. After disillusionment comes research and goal setting. WordPress does tell you how you can become Freshly Pressed see proper link here.

Five ways to get freshly pressed


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

It’s a bit pot luck, I think. You have to have a great headline, interesting content and use linkage to photos and articles. Hopefully, after all that, whoever it is, that looks at these things, will feature you. So that’s that then.

Y’know what, I don’t mind not having been freshly pressed just yet, not really. No, honestly, I don’t.

Yet, it would be nice, wouldn’t it? All those lovely views on your stats bar. Oh well, back to the net book and my next posts draft. Maybe that one will be the one..


  1. “A post ago…” Love it, quite original. Other than that, where to start? You are awfully hard on yourself for no discernible reason. Competition is a good thing! It makes for better chefs, better writers, better athletes… When a woman, especially, kicks herself for being competitive my old feminist roots start to shake with outrage. The blogs that are FreshPressed are truly outstanding, making it a worthwhile achievement. If it means that much to you, do everything you possibly can to make it happen. Embrace your beautiful, competitive spirit and be inspired! Everyone who reads you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. And five bucks says that anyone who says they don’t care if they are FreshPressed is either lying or has signed on as a life long member of the Sour Grapes Club.

    • Hi Margaret, I’m glad I got your feminist side going. It’s amazing isn’t it that competitiveness is something I am just a tiny bit ashamed of. Loved your comment. Thanks. Sarah x

    • Hi Ms Nine, so I’ve got you both ganging upon me now. Just kidding, she is rather wonderfully astute. Thanks for agreeing with what I know is excellent advice. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Oh my! I like you and your blog more and more -:)! You have a voice and a recognizable one … as for the rest Margaret said it all!

    Keep it up,
    All the Best
    P.S. I have no idea … any whatsoever! If they ever ‘press’ my post again (and I have no clue what, if any, criteria are there) I will beg them to ‘press’ you instead!

    • Hi Daniela,

      So glad you saw this and took it the right way. I was a bit nervous about it before I wrote it. I think you thoroughly deserved your Freshly Pressed status and my post was about that little green monster we all carry around. I still want to take you up on that drink, hopefully I’ll get over your way at some point.

      P.S: I’d rather you kept your next FP (I am sure it will happen again) because I think you have an outstanding blog. If it’s meant to be. I hope that I’ll have earned it. :o)

      • No worries, I understand!
        And the little green monster looks great,
        Of course you will earn it, I have no doubt about it!

    • Hi Val, I know it’s unlikely and probably a bit of a lottery! That someone happens across one of your better posts. I’d still like to be lucky though. I hope that my writing reaches a stage where it is worthy of it. I do think the FP posts that I read are on the whole excellent! Thanks for commenting – S.J

  3. If there’s a chance that you will ever be Freshly Pressed, it will likely happen at the time that you choose to do it. Something like that doesn’t demand that you sit around talking about it all day with fellow bloggers and girlfriends that stop by to share the latest gossip, but by putting your mind to it to make it happen.

    • Thanks C.A. This post was more about the competitive side of my nature more than the FP itself. If I never get Freshly Pressed then that’s fine, it was nice to get the positive comments however.

      Try my next post, it’s actually about writing for a change of pace!

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