The lovely Howard,  sent this to me. Because his blog is so wonderful, I felt that I would be doing him an injustice if I didn’t at least say thank you and answer the questions.

Hey, I’m also super-competitive (not my finest character trait) so getting an award is awesome!

So, as stated by the rules. I am supposed to post seven interesting things about myself. Then award other bloggers who I feel deserve this honor.

So, here are some factoids about me…

1) I have been homeless and lived in a shelter for three months.

2) I have been just about everywhere except Australasia

3) I once got the Australian cricket team so drunk on a night out in Johannesburg that they lost to South Africa the next day

4) I can surf, scuba dive and sail…

4) I love to sing but sound like next doors cat – NO SERIOUSLY…

5) I didn’t believe in love at first sight or marriage until I met my husband…

6) My favourite place in the world is the Maldives…

7) My favourite saying is:- “If you can’t be good be careful, if you can’t be careful don’t get caught and if you get caught – Don’t blame me!”

So last but not least, some nice nominations. Now I don’t follow that many Blogs, although I read a lot regularly – maybe fifteen tops? So, nominating is hard yet easy at the same time. I believe in quality not quantity.

So I am only nominating two for this award:- – In Pickles own words below – Plus she’s got talent!

My name is Miss Pickles (I’m 12 years old) and this blog is for publishing my stories to the General World. I love writing and have aspirations to become an author, so I’d love some advice from any actual writers to improve my writing.I’ve known for about five years that I want to be a writer of some sort, though at one point I wanted to be an archaeologist,  and I’ve written lots of assorted bits and bobs.

My next one doesn’t need a nomination – She’s just been Freshly Pressed. However, I was so glad to see that she was still around I simply have to nominate her!

Daniela of the Lantern Press.

One thought on “AN AWARD – FOR ME? WELL OKAY.

  1. Oh thank you SO MUCH! I am honoured! I have to say that when I first read your post of me going ‘missing’ all I wanted is to somehow make it possible to have a drink together in a real life … I know NZ is rather far! I love your list in here – your ability to express some subtle emotions through writing comes across quite nicely! Go you!
    Thank you,

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