It’s been six and a half weeks since I started this little sojourn into blogging and I have met some great characters along the way. Diversity on WP is everywhere. The first time someone decides to Follow You. You want to explode into song. Me, you want to hear more of what little ol’ me has to say. Are you sure? Really? No, I’m not complaining but okay. You think it’s a fluke, an act of madness perhaps; they’ll un-follow you anyways shortly. You then get your second and your third and it’s like all your Christmases have come at once!

Then people start commenting. Not just “nice post check out my blog” – They say stuff that tells you that they have actually read what you’ve said, they’ve connected. They “GET” you!

Some people who comment, you get what they say too… You go and look at their blogs often, you spend time there. You build a little branch of understanding and friendship.

Then disaster!

You see today I went to check out someone’s Blog, they started a few months before me and we were newbies together.

They’re not there anymore. Disappeared, high tailed, vamoosed – GONE.

WP tells me that the Blog was deleted by the author. What? They left, without goodbye, without so much as a “Ta Ta for now” or a “So long and thanks for all the fish?”. They were one of the top commenters on my blog and whilst we didn’t agree on everything, there was a synergy there; a companionship and sense of community. The fact that they were new too and got what it’s like when you’ve started – that thrill you get with every little bloggy milestone passed….

Daniela of the Lantern Press. I don’t know where you have gone or what made you leave but I wish you the best. I hope you come back one day even if it’s just to tell me you’ve set up on Blogger.


  1. LOL…i thought you meant me (formerly known as awesome badgirl) i’m now at
    oh do i ever know what you mean about the followers and when people have read or you just know they can understand where your coming from even when they don’t comment. i never saw the blog you referred to though…maybe she’s just re-inventing herself like i did. i had a specific reason for my first blogs name & my other username. so i hope to see you around here for a long time to come cause.

      • no, i had picked that name for a reason and it served it’s purpose. so here i am with all new names 🙂 i’m not going nowhere either 🙂

  2. People create blogs and find they don’t suit them, or something happens – like they get unpleasant comments that nobody else sees but them – or their life takes a turn that doesn’t include blogging. I’ve deleted blogs in the past. Have always come back with a new blog, sometimes on a different platform, as I can’t be without blogging these days.

    And yes, it’s disturbing when someone suddenly vanishes and takes their blog with them, but that’s life. (People say blogging isn’t ‘real life’ but it can become too much of it.)

  3. Hmm…..Unlike reality television which is designed to showcase embarrassment, ambivalence, or the complete failure of the human spirit, all in the name of ratings and advertising dollars, these real blogs ARE reality. They are written by real people who have real problems and who use their blogs as an outlet for pent up angst and/or creativity.Sometimes, like their writers, the blogs fail to endure. We take from them what we need and give back what we can……Such is the way of things.

  4. I think blogging can be a little difficult to handle for a shy and isolated person either they are getting no recognition or they get too much. Perhaps they get negative feedback and the words just hurt to bad. Enjoyed your post today.

    • Really pleased you enjoyed the post. I don’t think I’m popular enough to have any negative comments or “trolling” as they call it.But there again no one in my day time life knows that I blog.

  5. Oh my God! I have not gone anywhere; I am right here!

    I have no idea what happened but today must be a day of some shocking happenings! First I got an email from word press that my last post has been … now wait for it – Freshly pressed! I have hardly recovered from that and now this!

    I have been away from my blog (this is what my last post is about) and have made some changes but trust me – I WOULD NEVER LEAVE! I love this blog community too much! And you and your blog are BIG part of that!

    Daniela – the same one -:)!

    • Hellooooo, Can I just say Daniela you are looking mighty fine today! What have you been doing to WP? First you go AWOL and then you tell me you’ve been freshly pressed! Is it okay if I admit I am both thrilled you are still around and just the teensiest bit jealous?

      • Well Hellooo my dear Sarah!

        And thank you on both counts -:)! I am so glad we are both here! I have been doing what I always do – write and write!

        Kind Regards,

  6. Oh my goodness – that happened to me a few weeks ago and I felt quite abandoned – I wonder if she has simply gotten a makeover and also gotten freshly pressed like daniela! (lucky girl). I will have to investigate…

    Love this post, btw. You’re right, it IS like Christmas when you get thoughtful comments from folks (much like the ones I get from you SJ 🙂 )

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  8. The problem with a medium that is easy to create content is that people do, lots of it. There are various estimates but potentially at least 200M blogs exist with average number of posts > 1. Perhaps about 2000M have access, many of those without high speed, plus most in China locked out of sites that permits discussion, so say a billion. That means purely by chance they are about 5 people per post. But most of those people are doing something than looking at blogs. And even if they’re looking at blogs they’re probably looking at the high traffic ones they’ve heard of. So the odds of being noticed are fairly low. Every bit of content on the Net is competing for attention and so it’s much harder than many expect to get any notice at all.

    The point is you (or the missing blogger you describe) can’t get discouraged. Frequent and quality posts, plus a little bit of promotion, will generate enough of an audience to feel you’re getting through a bit. Unless you’re already famous (or have personal characteristics to be famous) you can expect, by quality writing, to attract a small group. But it is quality, not quantity that matters.

    • I never really knew Blogs existed till about three months ago when I was reading about things you should do when you are looking to self publish.

      I’m quite happy with a small following. I think you are right, it’s quality not quantity that counts.

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