A Swan, me? No Way!

I keep asking my blog what it wants to be when it grows up? – It has yet to give me a satisfactory answer. It all started you understand as a bit of an experiment, a marketing forage into the unknown world of the blog. That changed quite quickly into something more authentic and I can’t imagine ever using my little space in the blogger-sphere now for that kind of self-promotion purpose.

So what to do?

I don’t want to do one of those writing infomercial blogs either? Where, I talk about how to write a book and where to publish. Don’t get me wrong there are some really good ones (see Chazz writes), that are informative and helpful with downloadable e-books and all-sorts (I know because I’ve downloaded a few of them.) – Some, I can think of ten and I’ve looked at hundreds, are really good and have a very distinctive voice to them. Others – Are a shameless promotion tool for the wannabe authors upcoming book and just re-packages info available elsewhere.

However if you are looking for great advice then please do go and see Chazz, there is nothing I wanted to know about publishing that isn’t on his writers blog. David Gaughran, does a great one too.

So that’s out.

What about hot topics – could my Blog be the answer to all your current affairs needs but with quirk, humour and style? Ummm No, it can’t. I’ve written one post of this sort and it is the least liked or viewed and generally now sits in a corner crying to itself as it feels left out – It’s so not cool.

What About Cooking? Hmm, can anyone smell burning – I think I’ve left the water on again.

Funny, You can do funny right? – Well NO, You see I think I’m a comedic genius in the same league as Stephen Fry or Peter Sellers, but alas along with my muse, funny comes and goes…. That’s if it ever really showed up in the first place.

So what are we left with?

I don’t know.

I think I’d like to be a support system for people who are, like me – trying to write (whether a book, poetry, short or even a blog). I don’t want to preach to you about what way you should do these things because I think you can find your own way and as an unpublished nobody – who would care?.

Of course I am still going to talk about my writing – This Blog is a big part of that.

So I guess, I am saying…

Feel free to dip in and out or ignore me completely. I  like discussions and debate. I will put controversial titles up occasionally that I think you might be interested in and want to talk about? I guess that’s just it, I think my blog wants to be more about you than me. Because frankly, I’m really bloody nosy and love hearing from you.

So I’m off to re-write the ABOUT page. As always, feel free to comment.


  1. Give me your angst! I need to hear all about what is challenging or rewarding or infuriating about tryingtowriteit. Don’t try to write, just write. And then keep writing.

    • Margaret, you do realise that I am starting to fall just a tiny bit in love with you? Thanks for your support as always it is extremely welcome! I am writing. A-Hem, I don’t think I’d be any good at NaNoMo something or other, but I have written 1000 words on my novel today and with this blog post that makes around 1500. Sat with smug smile on face.

  2. great blog. I was told by a few people to define my usp, and after giving this some thought and worry, I came to the conclusion that it was about writing and style and you can’t define this. Some write for followers, others write because they have to. Felicity Fox

    • I think i’m in the have-to camp now. I didn’t write for a long time (even though my head was exploding with ideas) because I thought that if I didn’t do it, I could always tell myself that I could have done it… There was always a chance that I would have been brilliant. I think for the first time I am writing because there is no other choice. You really hit the nail on the head. – As for a USP, wow, now you’ve got me thinking… I think I’ll just “be” for now. Right – Off to spend time in the real world…

  3. Sarah–Your voice is so quirky and unique I think I would read just about any topic you choose to write about. You have that “it” quality they talk about with movie stars–you either have it, or you don’t–and you do, so the packaging will fall into place, I think. Just keep “looking movie star good”–aka–writing well. 🙂

    • This comment blew me away. You do realise you made me cry. I mean it, big fat tears, rolling on down my face. I was blotchy, there were tissues involved and one hell-of-a-big-fat smile on my face. Thank you very much :o)

  4. Forgive me for asking this… What’s wrong with what your blog offers at present?

    There is prose mixed with compassion, setup with an easy to navigate (at times) menu area, which I just noticed is kind of lacking on the ‘Recent Posts’ area. There is humor as well as many other genres of writing between the lines. We can’t forget the advice and your personal insight that comes along with the whole package.

    Something’s wrong? Where? — Not here.

    • Thanks C.A. This blog is slowly coming together and the menu’s – I know there are some problems there, I’ll get them fixed. Your comment is very welcome and I appreciate every single bit of it. You have a voice in your writing which is old-soul wise.

      • Often times, I think others misunderstand me due to the manner that I tend to relay information. I’ve tried several times to change the way that I offer advice and the like, but then I came to the realization that it’s not me who has an issue, but others who are misinterpreting what’s been offered. It makes me glad to know that there are those who notice what’s being offered in the manner it’s being presented.

  5. ahahah, I need a career advisor too!!! or maybe you can talk about traveling?:P..kidding….I always tell people, relax, just do whatever your heart tell you to, everything will be OK. I love hearing other opinion too:P and I love variety!!! That’s what people want in life!!! Variety!!! Who care whether you are bullshiting !!! cus people love to bullshit too!!!


    Your post make me smile:)

    • Hi Edgy, I care about the BS, I’d hate to be thought of in that way. I’d also hate to have to BS. I write for me first and others second. It is very tempting to do it the other way round, mind. So no BS here. But that’s all I can guarantee. I may post drivel at times but it will be true drivel. Or true in the sense of my perception of the world and my place in it. I like your blog, it’s fun. As, always thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m really glad I made you smile.

  6. Thanks for the blog love. Much appreciated.

    To your topic: On my first blog I talked about everything and nothing and ranted a bit. Um. A lot, actually. Then I ended up doing that on my podcast. Then I just went on about writing and publishing. It evolved over time, so I kind of wandered around until I fell into a blog theme. I discovered the one thing I could go on about endlessly and passionately yet still make pop culture jokes and the odd reference to goat sacrifice. The goat sacrifice is key, though tofurkey will do in a pinch.

    • Note to self: Purchase Goat. LoL. I think I’m happy posting about whatever. I’ll set up a website to the books when I’m close to publishing and I’ll potentially put a link on here to that. After all it doesn’t cost me anything….. Err, completely un-related question but do you happen to know of a good editor who has worked in the fantasy genre that would be open to taking on work in around 5 – 6 months time?

      • Sorry, I don’t know any editors who specialize in the fantasy genre. I’d ask some fantasy authors and see if the same name pops up or ask those authors about their working relationships with their editors. That’s a good foundation for the next awkward conversation with those same authors (ie Will they review your book and give you a cover blurb?)

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