It is impossible to discourage the real writers – they don’t give a damn what you say, they’re going to write.  ~Sinclair Lewis

On a typical Sunday afternoon, you can find me on the sofa (or couch for my American and Canadian friends). As I sit here typing on my woefully underpowered netbook (I will get a better one at some point); my curiosity peaks about where us bloggers, well – blog?

This is my workspace….

For me – This is the only workspace available in the house. Sorry, about the blurriness it was taken on the Blackberry. My cat always sits at the back, lazily peering out and she often stretches, yawns and then gives me an almighty sulky stare. Especially as the feline shaped area on my lap is otherwise occupied with a netbook.

The house isn’t tiny, my husband has an office which is full of his stuff – files and folders everywhere, it even smells of him. Which is not a bad thing you understand – he smells wonderful. I think it’s one of the reasons I married him.

Another problem is timing; if I were to sequester a corner of HIS area, I would come in and go upstairs to the office to write, leaving him a writing widower. At least in my little workspace, he can still see me, I am still present in the room, although probably elsewhere in my head. He does occasionally pipe up about the click clack of keys or my muttering. Especially whilst watching some really appalling T.V. You see reader, I married a man who doesn’t do fiction in any form.

But the man who doesn’t read, gave this woman a view, so that maybe she could write.

It’s just another reason I love him – he’s the exception to the rule below.

What no wife of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when he’s staring out of the window. ~Burton Rascoe

So where do you write your blog? Do you have a special place reserved for your musings, writing your poetry or short? I’d love to hear about it, as always comments welcome.

20 thoughts on “DREAM SPACE

  1. I write in the lounge (i live alone so i dont intrude and noone intrudes on me). i have my netbook sat on a wooden shelf on an old sofa cushion on my lap! Or sometimes i work on the pc in my bedroom but i prefer the netbook.
    also i take the netbook to work and write in the canteen at lunch time. How come i still feel i dont write enough? 😉

  2. such a nice house you have :”)
    i am still at my friend’s house for the summer, so i actually don’t “belong” here. it is pretty hard for me to find somewhere to write privately, so i need good timing. i sit on the couch in the living room, where i sleep every night, and start writing when nobody’s home or when they already go to sleep. sometimes when something happens on the road, i blog from my phone.
    i write and write, but i am still no writer. i don’t feel enough.

    x yuki.

    • Yuki, by definition you are a writer! You write therefore you are a writer! Trust me, lot’s of people talk about it but only true writers do it! – I always look forward to your posts – So guess what, you have a reader too.

    • Yuki, by definition you are a writer! You write therefore you are a writer! Trust me, lot’s of people talk about it but only true writers do it! – I always look forward to your posts – So guess what, you have a reader too.

    • He is probably the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. However, there are days when I want to drown him in the pond as well. These are not as infrequent as I would like. :o)

  3. Officially, I write on the couch, when I get home from work. But unofficially…I send myself emails or text messages whenever I’m feeling inspired and need to jot something down, even if I’m at work…in a meeting…supposedly paying attention to other things 🙂

    PS did you change your blog theme? It looks fabulous!

  4. I like the new look….I hope you don’t mind my saying, it used to be just TOO busy!
    I really like the pics of your space, especailly the “garden” area. Have to ask a question though…..Who is your friend?? You know,………….the one up on the roof?? 🙂

    • That is a dear neighbour who happened to be fixing the guttering. We’ve had just a touch of rain over here (welcome to the British Summer). I do love an observant mind though :o) and thanks I quite like the new look. However, I still can’t figure out how to get a featured image to go the whole way across the latest post. Grrrr.

      • Hmm…I am working a little more with images now. Can’t say that I can answer your question though. I originally swore that I would let the writing stand on it’s own. Now I think that may have been a mistake. So, I am looking a little more at images and their use. If I stumble on something I will pass it on….

  5. I write wherever I can…. I’ve been known to sit down with my cell phone and crank out several thousand words in a couple hours (most notably, the 3,800 word personal record I wrote while at the dentist…). My official “work space” is my dining room table. My notes and memos are spread all over hell and back and my desktop takes up the entire surface. Lucky for me, I have a roommate that would rather watch TV or play video games while he eats and has his own laptop that sits on my piano bench at the perfect height for his camping chair that he likes to sit in. I used to have a laptop of my own that gave me a little more comfort in writing on the fly, but it recently died and left me to face the world with nothing but my cell phone and shoddy connection to the internet. However, pen and paper are never far away and I can always bring my notes home on napkins and add them to the collection! Also, I write EVERYTHING in Google Docs, so I can access my work from anywhere with an internet connection and then download it in any format I want when it’s time to print off a hard copy for those “red pen” moments in a writer’s life. 😀 Love the blog, by the way! Sorry about the winded comment! Writers DO tend to be a bit….. Wordy…. HA! I kill me!

    • Gavin, firstly on the phone, the mobile one with the tiny buttons??!!!??? Now, that shows what you are and you are a writer my friend. Sorry just in awe – 3,800 words on a phone. I have been known to knock out maybe 250 words on the blackberry in email for work. But your lucky if I make 500 -1000 a day even on a perfectly adequate writing device. Dentist… errr – shudder.

      Personally I love getting what I consider proper comments. You know the ones. Where people have actually read what you’ve wriiten, rather than just say nice blog! So you are very welcome here…. Please feel free to come back anytime.

      • The giant word push on my phone just HAPPENED to be one of those magical days where you’re in a groove. I sat in that waiting room for 3 hours and just hammered away at my touch screen Samsung Galaxy S. It’s got a full keyboard, so it’s not TOO bad to write on.

        And you are so VERY welcome. I tend to be a HUGE fan of ANY blog that can connect with their readers and I must say, you do that quite well (I blame your cat… I’m a sucker for cats… Have two of my own that enjoy driving me crazy and long walks on my spine while I’m sleeping).

        And your hubby sounds amazing. You’re a lucky gal! And HE’S a lucky man to be born with the patience and understanding that it takes to be married to a writer. Good luck to you both and I look forward to future posts from you!

      • It’s still a phone and I so love it when you get a flow. I have two days holiday from the corporate asylum this week and I will be praying to the writing fairy for a visit.

        As for the rest of the post – I am getting emotional and you really don’t want to see me get emotional. Thanks so much for your comments. You have really inspired me.

        The cat mind you, isn’t that bothered and just wants the netbook to move so that she can have her space back…..

        Cats rock.

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