5 thoughts on “Saucy minx

  1. Great … in a funny kind of way. That is if we choose to ignore the fact that reading/watching/indulging in pornography (and by the way Shades are not pornography – just a bit of not so great writing packaged cleverly) has been men’s past time for centuries … do not recall any similar antics being performed by their female partners -:)!

    • Hmm, I have seen female friends get very upset over mild pornography when discovered with a loved one or a partner. I agree though that we “still” live in a world of double standards.

  2. I have yet to read anything (more recently) that involved shades, curtains, blinds, or allows the Heavens to be poured into a glass. However, I will say that there is a common misconception of ‘pornography’ in the first place. Those who do not agree with the genre of erotica (adult oriented fiction) occasionally have ‘pornography’ in their bedroom, after the children are asleep. How did they have children in the first place? Exactly. Point made. Too big a deal about such a minute issue. (I say minute because, while erotica may contain pictures, many stories simply provoke the reader’s imagination. To make a claim stating that a person should not be allow to use their imagination… that’s absurd.)

    • I refuse to comment on the whole shades debate. But I did find subtle kates post extremely funny which is why I re-posted it on here. Anyone who uses HP Sauce in such a way deserves to be laughed at. I don’t really think of the trilogy which (and counting) has sold over 14 million copies as pornography. I do think there is a set of double standards on both side of the fence regarding erotica and pornography. I posted on subtle kates original blog about a work colleague – male, who knew that I am interested in fiction and an avid reader. He had found a copy of the book in his wife’s drawer and asked if his wife was reading “porn” and I told him to think of it as “Jackie Collins” for the next generation. I did also politely point out that if he got caught snooping in his wife’s things that the book would be the least of his concerns. I love a good debate….

      • Everyone has their own opinions; which is why no one can be correct 100% of the time. It’s human nature to make mistakes. – Jackie Collins sounds rather familiar, though I’m unable to pinpoint right now where I’ve heard that name from; likely read some of her works a while back. – As for snooping through his wife’s belongings, in my opinion, there’s no harm done, so long as she has nothing to hide. Marriage should be an open book, but there’s a debate that I’m surely not in a position to argue about; marriage is something I’ll simply stroll by with a chuckle in my throat.

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