Well, maybe not love.

There is another word that seems more suited, more fitting, feels better – Lust.

It’s so very beautiful – whispering in the dead of night, it tells me in a Scottish poets accent, “I can make you better, I’ll make you sing with a literary agility that you never knew you had.”

It’s sleek lines and light feel. It’s lights that come on in the dark around the keyboard. I can imagine myself in a literary café, my hands flipping it open as I sip a cappuccino; notebook with beautiful script (my handwritings very poor by the way) laid out next to it, whilst the object of my affection sits ready to receive my characters thoughts and dreams.

In my heart I know that it will not improve my writing; it won’t change one single piece of prose. It won’t fix a passive voice or save that last dangling participle (can’t believe I just made that into a sentence).

But oh, how I want it…. Sigh…..

I’d love to know if there is anything that you have ever really wanted and lusted over. It doesn’t have to be in the present, you may have been six or it could have been last week in a shop window.

What physical item gets you going, makes you covet?


  1. i have a netbook that i do all my writing on, and I love the sound and the feel of it’s tiny keys as i write. the subtle tick tick tick that they make feels so much more creative than the thunk thunk thunk of my pc keyboard.

    What do i covet? I’ve never found one, but i have been after a 20s-style striped blazer for years so that i can pretend i am in a boat with Jerome K Jerome. Well, to be more accurate, ive never found one that didnt cost a stupid amount of money. I did find one in a charity shop about fifteen years ago, and i was hugely excited. But i had to be dragged away from it when my desire for it threatened to outwiegh the fact that when i tried it on it was at least fize sizes too small.

    • Bless, a Blazer! Your comment made me laugh out loud. There is no right or wrong answer to this one. I think Mr King covered it in a book that was made into a God awful movie. Thanks for making me chuckle.

  2. Covet … I like that word. And I like this post, even if, however hard I try, I cannot imagine being in lust with technology -:)! When kindle first appeared … I tried. I honestly did. But there is no way I can snuggle up to a kindle like I can to a book … with its textures, its smells, its feels. I am an old fashion gal … I lust after fragrances of living things. And sunset over an island in Adriatic … smell of sea, crying’s of seagulls, velvety sounds of men singing in the distance. I long for.

    All the best,

  3. at first i didn’t really get the meaning of “covet.” is it lusting after something? if it is, then i think i lust after photographic stuff from old school manual camera, the one you have to use film (especially the black and white one!) because the feeling when you develop your own negatives, your own pictures is priceless; to the modern DSLRs cameras which are incredibly expensive but the quality of the pictures are really good. but with whatever you use, to take a good picture, first and foremost you have to have a good eye :”) technology is just a tool that helps you “express” yourself, but it cannot replace your feelings, your talents :”)

    x yuki.

    • I like your comment yuki. Unfortunately I am imperfect and potentially fatally flawed and therefore there are certain things that I would like and that I covet. I know in my heart that an 11inch Mac would not make me a better writer but I still desire it. I’m working on my flaws – there are many, so it may take a while!

  4. I got my coveted item, the Macbook, and it does help, surprisingly enough. I was encouraged to write because I love using it. It’s easy, it works beautifully, it does what I ask for it and it looks amazing. It gets me going just to open it.

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