Today’s chat is about stats, likes and comments. A lovely little bird left an entertaining comment on one of my Blog Posts about how they are addicted to the stats’ page, and I’ve also seen some rather engaging stuff of late that mention comments and/or likes, so I thought I would tackle this topic from a newbie perspective.

Okay, here we go. I am finding that the stats and notification page is a bit like a feline high on a new catnip toy. I run around the house and get excited if, for some reason, my readership spikes, or I start getting a lot of hits/views on stuff. There are so many options to choose from! Do I want a summary table, can I look at a country’s map and who is referring me? Where did these people come from? It also shows you how many “likes” you get!
(As a Market Researcher the stats page is hot – like Johnny Depp in Chocolat or guilty misogynistic pleasure – Sean Connery as Bond)

Now I am Hot, ladies restrain yourselves

I love the graphs; yes; show me in a visual way how wonderful I am (On a bad day, why does nobody like me, huh? HUH?)
However, I’m not sure “What Good Looks Like?” How do I know if what I think is an excellent day is not pants when compared to other people’s blogs? It also seems faintly embarrassing to ask. I guess in terms of Blog etiquette it’s like showing your underwear. Everyone wants to know how many views others are getting and comments and likes and refers but no one wants to ask. In the interest of fairness, at the end of this post, I am going to show my stats.

I get a bit of a buzz when someone likes me. I know that probably sounds a bit sad, but I do, and it’s nice. I get an email, and I always go and check out their blog to see if it is something I am interested in. If I truthfully, really, sincerely like it – I follow them (is it, me or does that term always sound stalker-ish?)

I have heard some rather nasty rumours though. Some people (and you know who you are) are just liking people posts to get more traffic on their Blog. Tsk, Tsk – this is a damn poor show – peeps, and devalues the enjoyment I used to get from “likes”; paranoia tells me that you only “like” me because you want me to “like” you. What’s worse for a wannabe writer, there is a pretty good chance you haven’t read a single word and just scrolled down to the “Likes” Button. How could you do that to me? I thought we were friends – You said you liked me?


I love comments, more than I like “likes”. You took the time to comment on my ramblings, you like my work? Oh – No please, stop it, it wasn’t that good. You want to offer me a publishing deal based on my amazing, life-changing prose? NO WAY.

Here, on planet earth it’s more likely that you are going to tell me about your wonderful Blog in “my” comments section. Oh… So it’s all about you is it? Worse is the check-out someone else’s blog, who has done the same topic as you! Now c’mon that’s just rude and infers that they have done it better. The only exception to this rule is if they have taken a different angle to you and the commenter is telling you because they genuinely think you are interested, for this you are forgiven…


Sigh – the Nirvana of stats, number of followers. I’m still new so I’ll leave this one alone – no sarcasm for this, just yet. Some things You are sacred..

Well, I did promise I would show you mine so to speak.

Started Blog – June

Views: 65 today ((best day ever (av 35 per day per week))

Comments: 35

Likes: 55

Followers: 32 (Kisses to you all)

So over to all you lovely readers, do you dare-to-bare your stats. Go on, after all, I’ve showed you mine….

8 thoughts on “9 OUT OF 10 BLOGGERS PREFER IT

  1. This is awesome! No, no, I am NOT saying this because I am hoping you will return the favour! I am saying it because it is true and funny and it made me laugh at 7:40 am on this God awful morning in South Pacific! Between you and me – it gets lonely down here. Anyways, I know the feeling and have also written about it … every time somebody left something under any of my blogs, my silly little heart plays a jig! Can’t help it – it is a basic human call for another human to pass by in the endless cyber desert. And now you would like to play ‘I will show you mine, if you show me yours’ game in the school playground. Here you have it then:
    Started blogging on 20 May on Blogger, discovered WP in a couple of weeks and transferred. Number of views today 812, comments: 92, likes: 95, followers: 57. But you know what – these are just stats and IT IS FAR too early to think of them unless you have been blogging for over six months. And blogging good, useful, entertaining , engaging stuff. Blogging your heart out. Reading all that there is on blogging. Writing your own story. Engaging in a meaningful conversations with other bloggers. Serving. But you probably know all this already.
    Phew … this was a long comment!
    Take Care,

    • Hi Daniela,

      Wow those are great stats! So pleased I made you laugh! Sounds like a beautiful place the south pacific. Do i feel a song coming on? Thanks for stopping by and showing your statistical underwear. :o)

  2. Only today because i facebooked it did i get more than 100 hits but i know what you mean. I’m not in the in crowd of wordpress as i find the site hard work and I know noone else who does this. My addiction to stats is to check that I’m doing something right, you’d think we were being paid the happiness a little like gives you. Oh, there’s me talking about myself. Like Your post very much. Felicity Fox

    • Hi felicity, I’m completely with you and nobody else knows I do this either. Wow over a 100. A girl can dream.
      No crime in talking about yourself, for me, blogging is about conversation. It’s when people glaringly haven’t read your post and then refer you to theirs. :o) Thanks for taking part.

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