“I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we’re really not that different, me and you.” – Colin Raye

Hello Reader,

Thanks for popping by. It’s been four weeks since I started Blogging and I thought I’d share my thoughts on this unexpectedly personal experience.

Now I am going to start with the worst 5 and finish with the best 5. Let me know if you feel like this too?


1. Addiction to stats page.

Must stop checking and thinking that a limited number of views on a particular day means the end of the world. (See inner critic) Also whilst we’re on this subject, I had one particular day that got over three times the number of views of any other day even though I didn’t post! (is this normal?) – I’m ashamed to say this kind of thing has kept me up at nights.

2. Comments (or lack of them?)

Not really sure what’s going on here. Except that I found that I had selected the option for only allow comments from people who have commented before. – DOH! However, I switched this off on Wednesday and I am still not getting any comments. Maybe I am just not sparking anything…. Not gonna let this get me depressed. IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE????? – SOB, hiccup.

3. Abundance of ideas for blogs (that I either forget or furthermore are pants once left to marinate!)

A Harrowing Trip through my Thought  Process. Bring Your Galoshes. – Snotting Black – Does it much better (Read, laugh, enjoy.)

4.  Over – Share. – Guilty as charged. (I HATE RULES!)

I may have a tendency to Over-Share.  Actually, thinking about it, can you over-share? I am not so sure… Now, I know lots of people write really factual blogs on writing and creativity as part of a wider marketing strategy and that’s cool, Bravo!

There is also some brilliant and authentic work being done with a factual twist… Cristian Mihai does it so well, it’s scary, over at – What he writes makes me “wish I’d written”. Sigh.

For me, I want too connect with people and learn about others. Some bloggers are trying to impose some very specific rules via their writing about what is the right way or wrong way to Blog – Which is nuts! Whilst I agree that everyone needs to act in a civil and polite way. I feel there is some snoblogishness creeping into some of the more successful people’s thoughts.

So if you want to write about the most embarrassing and unbelievably mortifying thing that has ever happened or about your kids, or your dog, cat, hamster or even a crack in the wall (if that’s what interests you?)  – Bloody go for it. This is blogging, for christ sake!

Your posts are potentially far more authentic than some. – RANT OVER…. Phew, I feel better for getting that out there, I’ve probably just over-shared!

5. Time – Is Evil?

The only time I get to Blog, except for at weekends is at night. Being a morning person; this is a pain in the proverbial. I often write  at night and then re-read  the next day, wondering if my husband has added whisky to my hot chocolate. It’s usually around 9 to 10.30pm in the UK (that i get to sit down and write) having already done a long day, my ATD (Attention to Detail) has gone from average to poor to finally shocking.  So I am sorry for all the badly formatted posts (including this one) and the terrible grammar and spelling.


1. Reading great stuff.

I read a lot of other people’s blogs, follow and comment. Wow, what a talented and inspirational bunch us bloggers are. Feel free to pat yourself on the back at this point – You are awesome!

2. Passsion, passion, passion

Blogging  seems to stimulate something that for ten years I had assumed was dead and buried.

3. New Skills – How the hell do I do that?

I have learnt some exceptionally technical things in the last few weeks. I intend to learn much more and might even try to learn a bit of that language thingy. My blog doesn’t quite look the way I want it too and I’d like some other bits and pieces to change, so I’ll just have to bite the bullet and do some study.

4. New Interests – So Europes really financially screwed then?

Who knew how many diverse and interesting blogs there were? I have looked at some amazing photography and art. You lot make it all so interesting, I have even been reading some economics!

5. Writing – Word by Word

This last one is pretty shameless and self-indulgent but I don’t care! I am writing again. It is in fits and starts (scene by scene on my novel) and blog by blog . You see (if you don’t like sharing look away now) I have tried before. It always lasted a week, maybe two (if I was lucky) and I’ve made it to a month. A whole month – bliss. For the first time I don’t feel like stopping either.

Please, don’t misunderstand me it’s not easy. There are times, when I’m surprised my netbook hasn’t hit the wall and every single word is a struggle, but kicked, dragging and screaming from my head, they are hitting the page.

So thanks for listening. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT! – (Yup, I am not too proud to beg).

11 thoughts on “ONE MONTH IN BLOGLAND

  1. I’m still a novice too. Some posts get nada response (and I thought they were the better ones) and some get more attention… usually those I thought were cr*p, go figure! But I still enjoy it, especially reading others’ thoughts and ideas. Good luck with yours.

    • Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it, I really enjoyed reading your latest post and believe it or not, I am with you on your list, agreeing with five out of the seven! Especially the bananas, yeuch! – Good luck to you, too.

  2. i think of blog as a diary, a journal of some sort. so there’s nothing called over-sharing. it’s like some people love happy ending, some people don’t. some love romance novels, some think those books are redundant and feel detective stories more wonderful. i mean, each person has a different preference, what matters here in your blog, is yourself :”) this is where you wear your heart on your sleeves, this is where you write about things you never written before, things you never told anyone. this is your world, your freedom. no one’s opinion can influence your decision to write or not to write something. :”)
    followed you. will start reading from now on :”).

    x yuki.

    • I agree with your thoughts. The reasons I started have become more humanistic. I am really enjoying the diversity and getting to talk to people who I may not meet in the every day. I loved your post by the way. It made me want to shed tears for who I once was. Just remember Yuki, you are never alone! There is always someone out here listening. :o)

  3. Keep on bloggin’. I agree with you that there’s no one correct way to blog. Each of us sees the world through different eyes and experience, so blogs reflect that.

  4. This is so great!! I can relate to each point! For me, blogging allows us to fully express ourselves in any manner we wish! Congrats on four weeks! Cheers to many more *clink*

  5. I have been blogging for several months and am ashamed to say I am STILL addicted to the stats page! So I understand how you feel…it’s hard to keep writing if you think no one’s reading. When someone comments or likes a post it makes my day 🙂 So I thought you might like to know – I loved One Month in Blogland!

    • Awww, thank you. Yes it always makes my day seeing a full bar on the graph and especially when someone comments. I get a specal thrill all of it’s own for comments! – So thank you and well done on writing over 21,000 words. :o)

  6. The main thing with blogging is to enjoy doing it and to – keep sharing with people. These days blogging is as much about building community as writing posts.

    By the way, the thing about only allowing comments from people who’ve commented before is for moderating comments – it means that you only moderate the first comment for any one person, after that their comments appear without you needing to moderate them. The other options are to moderate all comments (that’s what I do) and to have no moderation at all. None of the options will help or hinder the number of comments you get. The only way to get a lot of comments is to comment on other people’s blog posts and hope that people will follow you back to your blog via the link in your display name (on your comment). You can help yourself a bit more by adding a link to your blog in your public profile so that when people click on your Gravatar (user pic) they will see a link they can go to. It doesn’t automatically link to your blog, you have to put a link there to it yourself.

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