so tell me again why I am pants?

I am having a bit of a set-too with my inner critic at the moment. This is the same demon that has stopped me from achieving my writing goals before. She is a complete bitch, who will stop at nothing to see me fail and then stands over me like the bully from the Simpsons.

Her softly spoken poison tells me  (with an accent , posh but English – well, aren’t all the great villains?):

1. You can’t write anything that will ever be read, except for this blog. Now go look at your stats page (ha – no ones even reading that!) – you wannabe!

2. Every idea you have ever had or will have, is rubbish.

3. What you have just written, “Insert name” has already done it and with better punctuation and grammar.

4. Purlease… If you were going to do it, you would have done it years ago! What makes this time different?

5. You are an idiot. End of! No wait….. – Yup, Gullible too.

So what’s changed? Well – everything, I have decided that it’s time to stop listening and start doing. Yes, my writing efforts are as yet unformed and perchance a little childlike but hey, I’m trying and I work goddamnit.

When the voice is there; she doesn’t reserve her upper-class tones for just my writing. She has been known to diss: My hair, clothes, manner, the way I walk, the way I talk and my choice in men – though,  she might have a point on that last one.

So  fellow bloggers what does your inner critic tell you?  Go on, share! – If only to make me feel slightly less crazy!

Oh and does he or she have an accent or is that just me?


  1. Interesting that you would ask……My inner critic is not consumed with success or failure. Nor is it too worried about being able to keep the wolf from the door. He/she (mine changes gender depending on what the current concern is..) seems mostly motivated with keeping ME happy. That usually means keeping the writing clear and concise, avoiding errors of fact, and staying clear of the traps that befall so many writers. What are they? I don’t know them all, but have you noticed how so many aspiring writers seem to slip away into a vacumn of disinterest (or self-loathing maybe…)? It is not a blissful state.

  2. I like the fact that your critic changes gender. It is a funny little voice in our heads isn’t it? Wow, yours provides motivation, now I am extremely jealous. I think on the whole my inner critic is a good thing and pushes me to achieve. Yes, i think to be a real writer you have to keep at it, and at it, and at it. And, it’s not always a blissful state…..

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