Been working on a little something and have decided that I do need to outline in brief. Started to create a scene list and work on my story arc. Really enjoying myself.


The gypsy takes the stick and pokes at the embers of the fire with renewed vigour, the caravan horseshoe safe, whilst travelling players sing melodies only half remembered. Two small children, brother and sister, sit road weary on the cracked bark, hands out catching warmth. Rough spun, one of their few remaining possessions, the blanket carpets them in mothers-love, whilst she tends a cooking fire off to the side, humming softly as the rabbit promised for the safety of the group, softens and tenderises.

The campfire visitors are fearful, their father off to the east, a farmer turned unexpected warrior. Mother hasn’t told them where they are going only that they must leave. Their warmest memories smoke and ash. Burned, as they hid in mouldy cider barrels; their mother in the barn. They had obeyed orders – staying out of sight, crying out as the first torch had hit the thatch roof, dry from the drought, the sound hidden by the whoosh of flames. As the men ride away, laughter ringing out, their mother returned to fetch them. Jemina, the oldest, can’t help but notice as arms wrap her in tenderness the bruising on the wrists and red dark tears in the summer farm dress.

Gadrial, glances at the woman tending the stew, he pulls at his ear, one of the many tells that a story is about to start. Melodious, like a lullaby, he starts a story of love and return, knowing all the while these young minds are unlikely to make it to winter. Their father now a heap of white and grey in some distant spot, an unsuccessful test of fruitful scythe to steel-edged sword.

4 thoughts on “SUNDAY – PROLOGUE

    • Thanks, Howard, you are my first comment on this and for that I am very grateful. I have majorly edited since I first published this. The next scene is in the kitchen of a near deserted castle and is a bit warmer. I like concepts of hope and light even in the most perilous of times. This first novel is fantasy roughly half way before 50 billion re-writes but the next is already part outlined and is contemporary. Your comment means the world! :o)

  1. Well. Once I’ve got enough money to hire an editor and get the time to de re-writes based on the feedback and then the copy editing. I will try the traditional route whilst simultaneously self-publishing if the platform is not completely dead by then. However, with self publishing, it will be a quality product. I’m lucky enough to have a good graphic designer as my future son in law who will create the covers etc for free!

    I also have a series of shorts around the first novel about a group called “the disciples” who form the majority of the central characters. Think redemption. I hear the short is becoming more popular on digital platforms from some research. These won’t be free however. Probably price at a 99p point – hopefully these will be a cross pollinating strategy as people who read the book will want to know more of the “backstory” of each character. Also, new readers who pick up the short will want to know how it turns out for “x”. That’s the plan anyway, and we know what life thinks of plans!

    The marketing aside, when I did the bio’s I realised that each of these characters had a powerful story to be told about how they became a “Disciple” that was only alluded to in brief in the central book.

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