LISTS: 1, 2, 3 – TO DO…

Listing, is omnipresent throughout my life. Some people really don’t get it and I simply can’t help it. My long-suffering husband has watched me write, list after list, for years.

Example: Holiday, Shopping, To-do, New Year Resolutions, Christmas Cards – the list really is; endless….

They are my forte, you will find me most happy (excluding writing) when I am crossing things off a big list with items left unchecked transferred to a new list with a higher priority place – God, even I hate me, after that last sentence.

It seems that I am not the only writer out there that likes making these lists.

Apparently, they can help you make important decisions as part of your structuring and even if you hate doing the outline thingy  your english teacher always told you to do. I tend to write important things that happen just so that I can keep track of continuity. I’ve met people who even list what they want to happen in a paragraph (yes, I know, wouldn’t work for me either).

But the real beauty of a list is that it does give you a structure of sorts, we all need to get our ideas in order and I’ve always found that the best stories have a start, middle and end (the leave everything on an almighty twist is over-done in my humble opinion).

So next time you get stuck halfway through a chapter, make a list of what needs to happen and assign it a sequence. You may just find that it helps you get your own thoughts in order and sparks something..

And remember if you are a lister – there are lots of us out there and even God loves a lister.

Commandments: Thou shalt not….

What do you think?

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