Better than Sex – Or is it? (Commercial writing and naughty stuff)

There are probably, a whole load of great posts on this topic already on other Blogs; i feel compelled to further the debate.

I was in a well-known UK bookshop yesterday looking at the fiction charts and noticed that the top 3 best-selling fiction novels were the “Shades” trilogy.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of these books (where have you been?), they document the relationship between an older man and a younger woman. They contain some “very” naughty scenes; with a measure of  kink thrown in. They have been described as wish fulfilment fantasy for women based around themes of redemption for a troubled man who just happens to be rich, handsome and accomplished.

There have been various slurs about: quality, style and editing in the mainstream and indie press. Which has led to a sensationalist ‘is this the end of the novel as we know it?’ outcry, all from highly respected but annoying literary types.

So is it the SEX? Are we still, all soo very repressed, that we have to get our kicks via soft porn paperback or is it something else entirely?

I’d love to get some thoughts or comments from others who wonder about the transition that the framework (talking publishing industry) is going through at the moment and whether you think we have to shock to sell?

What do you think?

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