I am starting to realise that embracing my inner Grammar Nazi may be no bad thing. This goes double for spelling and punctuation.

Blogging or writing of any kind is about ideas. These are the little bits of sparkly wonderfulness that “writers” hear in our heads and then transpose to a page so that “readers” can hear them too. From which “writers” get a great deal of satisfaction, harboring hopes that perchance we are not as nuts as we thought we were.

Here comes the buggery bit.

In the sweet delightful writing process (there’s so much sarcasm in the first part of this sentence, I am surprised it has not climbed out of the computer and shaken you rather firmly shouting “she is mad”), we have to make the stuff that lives between our ears making perfect sense to us into something which is intelligible for you.

And something gets lost, meandering off to talk to other people. It all starts beautifully written prose in my head and just ends up: bleugh, bleugh, bleigh, bleugh, bloo on the page.

Damn it, it’s all about structure (significant pause while I hate myself for not paying attention to those boring books about grammar I’ve seen with catchy titles on pandas). We writer types need it, along with punctuation, spelling and a well thought out plot (destination will do, if you can’t bear a proper outline thing) . It’s how what is UP there, gets to down here on the page.

And “I” am rubbish, really, really, really, ten squillion times really bad at all three. To prove it, I have just started a sentence with and.

So I will learn and then you’ll be able to understand why I want to tell you stories and more importantly, they’ll make bloody sense!

What do you think?

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