Today, has bored and frustrated at the same time. I have a day job which takes roughly fifty to sixty hours in a normal week to keep at a not-get-fired standard and I had to spend time on  preparing a presentation for two hundred people. It’s an engagement presentation, no death by bullets, lots of big graphics and bold statements ( a bit like a marketing pitch). So I wrote some script notes and planned out my timings. It’s coming in at around 45 minutes long. Next up was more research… Yawn.

Sunday afternoon (this is definitely not my day of rest); is also for domesticity. Washing, cleaning, get ready for the working week stuff. The cat (and husband) are both now fed. I have something to wear for work tomorrow (albeit un-ironed)  and the floor has seen a Hoover briefly.

Sunday Evening,  is updating my blog and keeping up to date with replying to anyone who has either commented on here or has tweeted me.

You never know I may get round to writing something. In a bit….

What do you think?

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